Something About the Sweet Toothed Sweethearts

Posted by Krishna Bora on Tue, Jul 23, 2013  
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Do you have friends who just can’t stop drooling over sweets and chocolates? We understand when it is in the case of children, but what about adults who can’t avoid sweet dishes at all. People, trust me when I tell you this, these friends who posses sweet tooth, are sweetest people than those who prefer spicy or bland food. You better listen to me, as I have some scientific studies done in some university in this area! *just kidding*

In a study done on 55 college students, which appeared in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, six varieties of food (sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and spicy) were offered to these students. After this procedure, they were asked to fill a questionnaire about their agreeableness. It was observed that those volunteers who liked sweet dishes were more friendly, cooperative, and compassionate.

In another study, with set of another 55 students, an experiment was done by randomly giving them sweet food, such as milk chocolates and candies, a sample of unsweetened food, such as crackers or dark sugarless chocolates. After this, they were asked to volunteer a professor. An observation was made that those students who were given something sweet to eat were willing to help the professors, compared to the group which was given unsweetened food items. But somehow people with sweet tooth don’t realize about this extra sweet trait of their personality.

Researchers are yet to find whether people with sweeter personality crave for sweeter coffee, and people with anger and temper issues crave for dark and bitter coffee.

Now, my dear friends, sit back and try to recall, does your taste preference speaks about your personality too? What it could be for a biriyani freak!


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