SMS Could Prove To Be A Boom In Health And Fitness.

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Sat, Jan 2, 2010  
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A lot has been talked of the ill effects of text messaging on our health. Besides text messaging can prove to be very dangerous while one is driving or even walking on the road. However it is wrong to condemn SMS or text messaging, because it can play a big role in promoting health and fitness too. SMS has been lately used by doctors to give timely messages to their patients and contribute to their health and fitness.


Firstly Sms or text messaging are being used by us to send "Get Well" messages to our friends and relatives. Anyone who is sick in bed and depressed would simply love to get such messages and feel that someone cares for them. Sending regular daily messages to terminally ill patients could help them feel better and reduce their pain and suffering.


Besides, SMS are used to cure even mentally ill patients. Regular cheerful and positive messages could mean a lot in removing them from the chain of negative thoughts that could even lead them to suicidal thoughts or even suicide. In addition, such patients tend to forget the time to take their medications. Regular reminders through SMS helps them take their medications on time and avoid further complications.


SMS could also be used in case of ordinary patients where the promptness of taking certain medicines plays a big role. Also this could be used as a device to remind nurses to give medicines or injections to in-patients in time, when they tend to forget things because of memory lapses due to pressure of work.


Now-a -days SMS plays a vital role for the doctors to continuously assess the progress of their patients. It serves as means to remind patients of their appointments with the doctors. Believe me, sending SMS has been tried out on patients and had resulted in the health improvement of patients with various diseases.


A study of diabetes in children found that the children showed improved blood sugar levels because of SMS reminders. Also in another study of liver transplant it showed that the patients who were reminded by SMS showed better acceptance of the organ replaced. Even diseases like HIV, asthma and TB, and diabetes involving daily timely medications and testing were appropriate for SMS therapy.


So, lets make use of the SMS text messaging system to help our friends, family and ourselves to enjoy good health and fitness.


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