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Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Mon, Feb 27, 2012  
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Sex can be a wonderful reason to keep going when everything else seems gloomy. It is a way for connecting with someone we love and a way of relaxing too. Sex necessarily should not be just intercourse, but it can be a physical contact by which we share pleasure and hence we are close to each other. No amount of anti-aging cream or facial can give you the glow that good sex does. Sex lives its mark not only on the mind, but on the body too.


Researchers have proved that it is the best and most fun work-out. People who indulge in regular love making have better heart health.  When you are having a great sex session with your boyfriend or husband these things are last in your mind, but sex is definitely good for physical and mental health. It makes your immune system robust and lowers the rate of depression. And did you know that thirty minutes of sex can burn 85 calories.


Sexual healing is helpful in the sense it allows them to affirm their belief in themselves and it works magic for them. Psychologically sex can be therapeutic. A safe and healthy sex life allows you to enjoy any activity to the fullest. Sex can do wonders when you are actually feeling like shit. Sex makes you feel wanted. A good sex makes you feel beautiful and sexy. It can drive someone crazy in seconds and all of a suddenly life too appear to be beautiful.


We are brought up with the belief that it is unladylike to talk about sex and that man should be aggressive and women should be passive. In fact sex isn’t a taboo, it is a basic human need. Satisfaction is most important than actual intercourse. Sex is indeed an art and should be done in a safe environment- that means a good relationship.



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