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Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Thu, Oct 4, 2012  
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Research has shown that if you have a good sex life, you are the happiest person on earth. What you want in life – more money, a healthy relationship or a disease free life? Well I would say that I want all of them. According to me all of them put together will bring me immense happiness. But did you know that if you having an active and better sex life can actually lead to a happy life?


A good sexual relationship is the most important aspect of marital relationship and when your marital relationship is good you are bound to be happy more often than not. But remember that sex is just the contributing factor rather than the sole factor for happiness. Sex adds to the happiness if the couples are close to each other. However if you don’t have a loving relationship with your spouse then no amount of great sex can make you feel happy.  “Happiness needs to come from a whole lot of things. You need to have love and respect for each other. Only when there is love and respect for each other, a good sex life can add to the happiness,” says relationship expert Seema Hingorani.


Sex has the power to put you in a relaxed and contented state of mind. Sex and impatience and hurry do not go well together. If such is the case, then enjoyment cannot be reached. It should be done slowly and calmly. It is important to explore as much as you can and then to reach a point of contention. So the idea is to take it slow and enjoy. Improving your sex life and thus your happiness levels is highly dependent on the feel-good image you draw of yourself.


Hitting the road to happiness through sex is not only for the young couple. Everybody can get their share of happiness no matter what age you are through sex. Actually age is absolutely no bar when it comes to sex. In a study conducted in US it was found out that elderly couples who indulged in sexual activities more than once a month are much happier than those who had sex once in a month or may be once in two months.


And for all those health conscious people out there 30 minutes of good sex can help to burn 85 calories and now I guess it is a good reason to get physical on bed. Hingorani further adds that good sex helps in lowering the stress level as there is a release of feel good hormones, endorphins, during this act, your general immunity will be on an all-time high and your depression will gradually disappear and you will be much more relaxed and calm as days pass by.  



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