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Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Fri, Mar 29, 2013  
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There are various surveys that prove sex heals anxieties and negativities. Interestingly while partners share a smooth and compatible relationship with each other, the camaraderie goes missing when sleeping time arrives. Couples who have no problems like extra-marital affair or financial problems also don’t have sex for months at a stretch. Sometimes work stress is brought to the bedroom as well and this cause lack of intimacy in a man woman relationship.


For example a friend of mine shared a fantastic relationship with her husband on bed. But when she realized that she was expecting, the intimacy nosedived. It is natural not to have sex during your pregnancy. One should avoid having sex when it bleeds and when the placenta is low on the uterus. In the last trimester, it is risky to have sex because there are chances of early delivery. From the fourth to the seventh month of pregnancy, the couple can have sex, but need to take that extra precaution.


When a baby comes to our life initially our quite nights gets absolutely chaotic. Sex goes off the list completely. Whether the baby has been delivered through a normal or caesarian delivery, a couple has enough reasons not to have sex. After a normal delivery, there is a cut in the vagina. It takes at least four weeks or even more for the cut to heal and for the discharge to stop. There are a lot of hormonal changes during this time and hence they don’t feel the desire to have sex. During this time mothers are so tired changing nappies and breast feeding that they are hardly left with any time or energy to have sex.


Sometimes after child birth, when the baby comes to the world, parents are faced with a lot of issues connected to the child’s upbringing. All through the child’s rearing years, some couples keep their sex life aside. The stress hormone dampens the libido and sexual desires. Sex can take a backseat due to a lot of other problems which can be both physical and emotional. A person can have hormonal problems, diabetes, high cholesterol or other problems for not having sexual desires. These problems sometimes can be treated naturally or through medicines.

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