Self Mutilation

Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Thu, Jan 26, 2012  
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Have you seen your friends or acquaintances cover up their scars and bruises on their body? Some people are into self mutilation in order to seek attention. But it is now becoming a compulsive disorder.


The most common form of self mutilation is skin cutting. But it can be scratching, burning and even hitting body parts. Self-mutilation is not always an attention seeking behavior nor should it be mistaken for an attempt for a suicide. The most common area is the arm and they generally hurt themselves with a knife or a blade and even burn themselves a little bit. A person who is hurt from within will generally indulge in such activities and self mutilation is a way by which one takes out his or her inner turmoil.  People suffering from this kind of disorder have a sense of relief after such kind of injury.


People suffering from self mutilation are generally ashamed of their disorder and hence they hide from people and do it privately. They do it to release emotional pain or to release anger. They can’t do it on anybody else and hence they do it on themselves. These people with this kind of disorder need help. They are basically lonely people and they do it to regulate their internal experiences which are killing them from inside. They do it to regulate some thoughts or memories which are rotting deep within them.


Self- injurers should come out of isolation and seek help through support groups or therapy. Such people require psychological assessment or cognitive behavioral therapy.



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