Role of Honey in Weight Loss

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Honey as we know, is a sweetened thick liquid. It's a known fact that sweets contribute to weight gain. Honey works in a completely opposite sense and helps one lose weight. Let us check out what honey does and how does it do it.

Honey is beneficial for weight loss


Honey is made in the beehive from the nectar of the flowers collected by thousands of bees. Depending on the kind of flowers the nectar is collected from, the taste, color, and aroma of the honey change. There are hundreds of different types of honey found in United States alone. Dark-colored honey is generally stronger than the mild-colored honey.


Honey has many medicinal properties and that is the reason of its extensive use in the history of mankind. It has so many minerals in it that it is considered to be a great source of nutrients. Vitamin B and C, zinc, copper, magnesium, manganese, potassium, selenium, calcium, etc., are found in honey. Honey is used to treat ulcers, wound, burns, and dry eyes. Some of the honey types may have antioxidant properties.


Many reports have brought forth the abilities of honey to control weight. It has properties that help control the blood sugar and improve the insulin sensitivity. Diabetes patients can make use of honey instead of table sugar. Honey has a healthy 1 to 1 ratio of fructose and glucose, which help the glycogen function of the liver cells to get balanced. This balance can stop the obesity overtime.


Due to its medicinal properties, honey has been an integral part of an ancient Indian herbal science Ayurveda. Chinese have also used it quite extensively throughout the history. Extra doses of honey may create some problems, however, research is still going on it, and the risks are very minimal even after large doses. So you can use it every day without any fears. For more details visit


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