Reshape your breast and be attractive by homoeopathy

Posted by arun kumar burnwal on Fri, Mar 2, 2012  
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Breasts  are the attrective part of a mature girl after puberty. The girls enter a new stage of her life. Some girls get depressed and frusterated due to small breasts, some unhappy with large breasts and some are due to defective shape and size.

This unsatisfaction about the breast- size cause emotional trauma , feels uncomfertable AND they are afraid to attrect sexual attention.

 Now homoeopathy is the answer of that lovely creature of the god. By help of homoeopathy any one reshape her breasts.

Following are the abnormal condition and their cosmatic homoeopathic treatment.

* Breasts are small with inferlity - Medicine is iodium.

* Breasts become small with small hard lumps it - krosotum.

* Full grown breasts going small rapidly. - chimiphila.

* Breasts are going atropied leaving a flacid bag like skin. - conium .

* breasts become small with ovarian dropsy. - iodum.

*Breasts small with ovary coplain. - baryta carb.

 * Breasts become small in nursing woman - lac can.

* One breast  smaller than other - sabal serulata.

* Underdevloped breasts with delayed or absent of menses- lycopodium.

* Breasts are rounded and beautiful become flat and out of shape with lean body. - nux , mos.

* Breasts underdevloped with infantile uterus and overies. - onasmodium.

* Defective devlopment of breasts with delayed puberty and stunted growth. - pituitarin.

* Underdevloped breasts or sunken breasts due to the diseases of uterus. - sabal ser.

* Breasts underdevloped  and shrivelled with infantile uterus and ovaries and physical debility- sabal ser.

*Nipple are short and flat and instead of a projection, a depression exists - sarsaparilla.

*Imperfact development of breasts and uterus both - sulphur.

* Hypertrophy of breasts with pain during menopause -sangunaria.

* Breasts hypertrophy too early in puberty - bacillinum.

* Nipplles insensitive -sabal ser.

* Nipple small - pulsatilla, Iodum.

* Breasts too big - cylamen, conium.

Please take these medicine  with consultation of good , qualified homoeopath doctors.


Actually, reshaping the breast needs cosmatic surgery and it is too costaly for general public. Only rich family can go through cosmatic surgerywith some post cosmatic problems. In our india, where 75%of people are villagers, they can not even think about the advanced treatment.


Homoeopathy has vast rang of cosmatic medicines. The result after medication for reshaping the breasts are varified many times.


I think , people of india ,also have desire to beautifyherself and get attractive.Homoeopathy can do well and this is why i wrote this article for genral people of india. Theywill get the treatment easily and with low cost.




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