Reasons Why You Should Eat Breakfast Like A King.

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Tue, May 11, 2010  
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Most of us feel so hurried during breakfast times that we just gobble up anything that comes our way and just race off to school or work. Besides homemakers also overlook the need for a good and healthy breakfast. However it is wrong to skip breakfast because your mind and body become tired much more easily and it affects your work at school and work. In addition homemakers also need to have a good breakfast to cater to the various needs for energy to carry on the household activities. Yes, it is right to assume that breakfast sets the tone for the day.


Yes, have a healthy breakfast before you start your day. You are bound to thereafter feel good throughout the day. It is necessary that you break your overnight fast and supply the body with energy and fuel to carry out all its daily activities. There is a reason to break the catabolism state where there is a lack of manufacture of insulin in the body. You need breakfast to not only repair muscles but to also build them.


Breakfast supplies energy to the body and brain and contributes to making you more focused and attentive in your work. The brain also needs food as the body to be energized and alert.  Besides breakfast helps speed the metabolism of the body, thereby burning more calories and energy and leading to efficient functioning of the body. So contrary to popular belief breakfast helps to control ones appetite during the day making one to eat less later on and increase ones weight. Low glycaemic index foods contribute a lot towards delaying hunger pangs and can be included as breakfast cereals. You get your metabolism firing early, leading to more energy burnt, and a more efficient body.


Yes it is right to say that your body can tolerate glucose in the morning and can easily digest food without leading to deposit of fat in the body. A good healthy breakfast can help avoid binge eating later on in the day. A sugary breakfast or a cup of coffee can leave you drained faster in the day. It is true that taking some carbohydrates, protein and fats at breakfast time would be good. Low glycaemic index cereals help you feel full longer. In addition a fruit, vegetables and lean proteins like dairy products, skimmed milk, eggs/ egg whites and yogurt for are equally good at breakfast time.  


It is good to have a big meal at breakfast time. This is healthy and prevents obesity also because the body has ample time to burn the calories also. This helps you feel full and also helps to speed up your metabolic rate. Yes, starting with a hearty breakfast helps you eat less later and avoid unhealthy choices at the other meals and snack times. It prevents you from grabbing a sugary candy bar or a cup of coffee as a mid-morning snack that drains off all your energy.  Hence those aiming at weight loss could also gain by taking a hearty healthy breakfast.


Fiber in the form of whole grains, vegetables and fruits forms the base of a healthy breakfast. Besides protein available in low fat meats, eggs, beans or dairy can also contribute as important ingredients of a good breakfast. Always prefer eating cereals with low fat or no fat milk. Tick off sugary cereals, syrups, pastries and white bread out of the breakfast menu. Taking multi-cereal bread or whole wheat bread would be a good choice. Sugary foods only make you hungry faster while proteins and fiber help delay hunger pangs by giving higher satiety.


However it could be a good idea splitting up the breakfast menu into 2 small meals taken at smaller intervals. Those who really find no time for breakfast can prepare and take small packages containing probably an instant oatmeal cereal, hard-boiled eggs, nuts like pecans and walnuts, fresh fruits like apples, bananas and some cereal or granola bars.


So dear folks I think you will consider making breakfast the most important part of your daily life, since it is the first meal of your day. In addition, regular breakfast eaters are healthier and also have a good and balanced weight. 


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