Rationale Of Total Stress Management

Posted by SHRINIWAS JANARDAN KASHALIKAR on Sat, Apr 16, 2011  
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Total Stress Management includes holistic perspective, policymaking, programs and their implementation.

 However there are many amongst us, who are cynical about the vision and the contents of Total Stress Management. They say; “We don’t think that present situation can change in any way. It is better to enjoy life as it comes without botheration about society.”

 There are others amongst us; who do not understand, agree or subscribe to Total Stress Management. They think it is beyond every possible individual effort. So, they advocate increase in inner strength (without bothering about the cancerous growth in internal and external environmental stress, which they think is NORMAL and inevitable) and aim to reduce the ratio; “External pressure/resilience; or inner strength”!

 Even as it appears heroic and attractive to say what irrespective of the extent of stress we should conquer it by our inner strength; it is our subjective, superficial, shallow and hence erroneous comprehension of STRESS. It leads to grossly inadequate, piecemeal and ineffective solution of; “so called increase in inner strength”.

When the friends amongst us; not understand Total Stress Management; they neglect the stress produced right from conception to death and at conscious, subconscious and unconscious levels; both inside and outside and ignore the holistic ways to conquer STRESS and achieve individual and global blossoming!

 In absence of the study of Total Stress Management; we do not realize that inner strength is important; but not for continuing to face or escape from the same cancerous stress as today, but for changing the inner and outer ; so as to blossom the individual and the universe; through holistic solutions.

 Due to our ignorance, we often ask; “Can you be happy even if all the material pleasures are granted? Are not all the material pleasures useless in terms of giving total fulfillment of life? Is not the body that enjoys it also temporary? Are we not unhappy merely because of ego? Are we not unhappy because of the state of our mind? What is the use of pursuing material pleasures? What is the use of Total Stress Management; when all is vanity? Isn’t the world as its today; even when so many people toiled for its improvement in the past? Isn’t such effort useless and futile? What is the use of it; if we have to leave them here; when we die?

 Total Stress Management is like oxygen. We breathe it for ourselves. We do not ask the above question when it comes to breathing! Do we? Those of us have constitutions to understand Total Stress Management; they participate in it; those who do not study, do not understand, and do not agree; do not participate in it.

 Those; who want to live to the best of their satisfaction and conquer the STRESS; can avail Total Stress Management; and those who choose to be the victims of STRESS, or causes of the STRESS for others; can discard it. They can keep proclaiming; like snoring in slumber or like shouting in delirium; that; they happy and ecstatic; even as the millions others are in misery!

 Rationale of Total Stress Management (the core of which is NAMASMARAN); is conquering the STRESS simultaneously from inside and (through holistic perspective, policies, plans, programs and their implementation); from outside!




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