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Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Tue, Mar 6, 2012  
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There are times when you are restless and want to find out ways that give you great joy. It is this time when you need to wake up to your life’s truest purpose. We are here to grow and that is the purpose of our life. Each of us is meant to work on ourselves and patiently overcome the limitations that stop us from being the best we can be. We need to overcome our anger, greed and laziness. It means striving to be stronger, more capable, more balanced and happier every day. Everybody comes to this world with a certain purpose. Sachin Tendulkar was meant to be a cricketer. Tagore was meant to be a creative genius.


Never follow your mind and always listen to your heart is all that I have done through out my life and will continue to do for the rest of my life. For me to be a great parent is indeed the most important purpose of my life. What better gift can we give to the world than to have brought up a happy, balanced human being who can contribute in making this world a better place to live in. No other things in this world can give you more happiness and joy than to see a well brought up child who has good values in life. To be a fantastic and creative cook is also a great gift because good food is the greatest pleasure of life.


Reach out to others. In your own small way heal the world of its misery. When I write a story about health or may be just a feel good factor story, I feel I am reaching out to the people. When I read their comments I feel I am of some help to them. There is nothing more gratifying than to know that you have been of some help to others in your own little way.


Everybody is passionate about something or the other in life. It is time to list out the passions. Find out the things that you simply love. You may be fascinated by somebody else’s talent and want to do it yourself then give it a try. Make a list of the skills that you have been blessed with, no matter how small it may be. Remember every human being is unique in their own way and everybody is born with a special talent.  It may be just your capacity to get along with people, make new friends; you may be good listener, a good adviser or may be a good painter and so on. When you finish making a list you will realize that you truly have a purpose in life.


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