Powerful Ways in Ayurveda to boost up Immunity

Posted by Vasantha Lakshmi Cherukupalli on Thu, Jan 27, 2022  
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Abstract: Ayurveda is not a system of medicine, It is evidence-based life science. Ayurveda emphasizes, seasonal regimens and behavioral regimens for improving the longevity of life. In the covid -19 pandemic situations, immunity plays a major role to prevent the diseases. The concept of Aachara Rasayana is a behavioral therapy to lead a healthy and balanced life.



Introduction: Ayu means life, Vedam: Study of Knowledge. Ayurveda literature has mentioned good behavioral regimens for healthy social, spiritual life. Aachara Rasayana is one of them.

According to WHO health is - A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Likewise, Ayurveda also says deha (body), mana (soul), buddhi ( mind ), indriya prasadanam (sense organs). Rejuvenating Therapy ( Rasayana) is the uniqueness of Ayurveda. Rasayana therapy prompts longevity of life and also prevents diseases. Rasayana therapy can understand as an Immunomodulatory therapy in the present scenario. Immunomodulatory therapy is very essential in this covid crisis to avoid infections.


Lifestyle disorders: In todays modern era, changes in dietary habits, sleep patterns reflect on the immune system. As well as Physical and Psychological stress are the main causes to weaken immunity. Long-term exposure to corticosteroids and other stress hormones can disrupt body functions. This will lead to hypertension, Diabetes mellitus, Cardiac problems, Obesity, Pcod, Insomnia ..etc.


Aachara Rasayana: Aachara Rasayana is regulating behavioral social conduct as well as ensures a healthy life in a healthy society. it explains about Daily Regimens in order to follow the principles like -


* Brahma muhurta (wake up in the early morning)

* Aachamana (washing face)

* Danta dhavana (brushing the teeth with herbal sticks like Neem)

* Nasya (nasal therapy suggesting to boost immunity against covid)

* Gandusha/Kavala (oil pulling therapy - promotes strength to sensory organs)

* Abhyanga: (massage therapy- improves blood circulation and strengthens muscles.)

* Vyayama: (exercises/yoga/ pranayama ( breathing techniques)

* Aahara sevana (dietary changes depending on place, season, and digestive fire)

* Nidra (night sleep is always good for health)

* Ritucharya (seasonal regimens)

* Sadvritta (good conduct).




Its time to explore new ways to protect and boost our immunity against infections. If a person is on treatment but not follow these principles there will be no chance of 100% cure of the disease. So, Whatever system of medicine we follow, these are very essential regimens that should follow by every person. These self-caring guidelines are scientifically proven to boost immunity. Hence social and behavioral regimens are most important to lead a blissful and healthy life.


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