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Anus is the excretory place from where the waste matter is thrown out of the body. Irregular daily routine and uncontrolled eating habits are the main causes for anal diseases. Piles and Fistula is the two diseases related to anus that can be cured with utmost care and safety measures 

Piles are usually painless and may cause bleeding without pain during passage of stool, and may produce one or more lumps near the anus.These lumps contain swollen blood vessels and blood. Excessive loss of blood from piles may lead to anaemia (decrease in number of red blood cells), which is recognised by pale skin and eyes, tiredness, lack of oxygen, loss of blood and sometimes excessive chest pain. 

Fistulas are an abnormal small opening next to the anus from where anal discharge keeps occurring.

Piles, fissure & fistula are the most common problems occurring at the anus & rectum. Diseases occurring at the anus & rectum are treated by conservative methods and without any surgery. If conservative treatment fails, surgery is recommended. Surgeries performed by expert doctors are safe, with less of discomfort, complications & recurrences. 

Those who are operated for Anus may find water getting out of anus and may find discomfort and irritation. When you had done your surgery, the nerves weaken the sphincter (a medical device that keeps urine from leaking) which typically separates the inside contents of your bowel from the outside may have severed. So, you may be betting some leakage of contents. See you expert doctor. 

If you have painful boils on anus: Our skin has many layers the first layer helps in protecting the skin from foreign objects, diseases and infections. A lack of proper hygiene and cleaning may cause a boil to develop. A boil in the anus usually cures itself over a period of time. To get rid of anus boil have a hot water bath. This will lead to a weakening of the skin and eventual eruption of the boil. 

If you are having pain in your anus and blood on under pants, then you might have piles. Piles are a cushion of blood vessels blocking your anus that causes pain and passage of blood. This can be very painful if not treated immediately. 

Piles do not affect your sexual life because the varicose vein of the anus get inflamed and has nothing to do with the vagina. Have sexual relationship through the vagina and avoid anal sex which may make it worse.


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