Pregnancy Stress Mangement

Posted by Seema Nigar Alvi on Thu, Apr 28, 2011  
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Stress is indeed an unavoidable and integral part of our lives nowadays. Its aftermaths are evident from the increasing number of psychotic and mental patients. The count of people suffering from depression, anxiety and neurosis has risen tremendously. Stress is known to have long lasting implications on both our mental and physical health.  


The impact of stress in pregnant ladies is quite hazardous. The expectant mothers are at the risk of onset of preterm labor, miscarriages and even babies being born with low weight.


For a pregnant woman, stress not only generates a feeling of being deprived but also impairs her normal functioning. Stress management, therefore, becomes very important to safeguard the health of the baby and the mother.


Certain lifestyle changes need to be incorporated in the daily routine like exercises, socializing, etc. These prove to be effective in lessening the impacts of stress.


Relaxation and taking adequate sleep is also a good tool in reducing stress. It also facilitates the growth of the baby. A balanced healthy diet is needed to meet the increased calorie requirement of the mother. Improper nutrition is also an important cause of maternal stress. Important nutrients like carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, etc. should be taken in the appropriate amount. Green leafy vegetables, milk and fruits should be regularly consumed.  


Discussing problems with spouse is a good exercise of stress reduction for pregnant ladies. It would be advisable to share problematic issues with your partner. It will not only ease your stress level but also be effective in finding a suitable solution.  


Pregnancy is a wonderful experience and proper care should be taken in looking after the expectant mothers.


Stress eradication is not an easy task but it should be minimized to the maximum possible extent. The pregnant ladies should adopt changes in her routine lifestyle to reduce its possible adverse effects. If required, the woman should visit the consultant for expert advice.


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