Pains of Dieting

Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Thu, Mar 14, 2013  
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In cities these days if you ask most of the people are permanently on a diet throughout their life.  I too went on a diet two years ago, but I did not feel good about it. My energy level was falling and I was feeling week. I was so scared of my ever gaining weight, so when I went on a diet every day,  the first thing I did when I woke up in the morning was I rushed to the weighing machine  which was kept in the drawing room.


My ideal breakfast would me one cup of tea without milk or sugar. Preferably I used to take green tea with one slice of brown bread and two egg whites. Mid morning used to be yogurt or one fruit. Lunch used to be baked fish with two phulkas and steamed vegetables. I didn’t mind nibbling from my son’s plate. Afternoon snacks used to be two digestive biscuits and one apple along with tea. But the moment it was 6 pm, my hunger pangs used to increase and I would rush to the nearest samosa or chaat shop.


Dinner again as I was supposed to finish it off before 8pm, I ate little may be steamed chicken or fish.  But by the time it was 10pm and I was busy typing my stories, my hunger pangs for something sweet used to increase and I used to rush to the fridge for a slab of chocolate and mind you it never ended over there, I felt like eating more, so more chocolates and cookies used to go inside my tummy till the time I was contended. And I used to keep telling myself anything that is eaten in the dark is not seen and that is not going to show on my body too. So my love affair of eating in the dark continued and I continued to tell myself that it is not going to show. But that did not happen and every time I saw my weight on the weighing machine, I kept on blaming the machine for showing incorrect weight. So, that is the story of my failed diet!



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