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Osteoporosis is a condition when bone resorption occurs faster than formation of the bones. Due to this process the bones become weak and porous and fractures occur with little or no pressure.


Lack of estrogen is a key factor aiding osteoporosis. Also falling off androgens and inadequate calcium and vitamin D intake are responsible for osteoporosis.



  • Highly trained teenage ballet dancers and athletes.
  • Anorexic girls
  • Women smokers
  • People with kidney diseases
  • Long term use of steroids



Osteoporosis prevention should begin from childhood. Healthy diet and regular exercise are key factors for preventing osteoporosis.


Daily requirement of calcium is-

  • 1300 mg/day for 9 to 18 year old individuals 
  • 1000 mg/day for adults up to 50years
  • 1200 mg/day for people above 50years of age


Along with calcium; phosphorous is also necessary for the formation of bones. It is found in most food substances rich in calcium and also in meat and poultry.



  • Tea, coffee and colas as they contain caffeine. Caffeine increases calcium excretion.
  • Minimize salt intake. Cut back on canned or processed foods. Sodium can cause the kidneys to excrete calcium.
  • High level of dietary protein intake.
  • Certain medications can affect the calcium level in the body. Antacids containing aluminum can enhance the excretion of calcium. Long term use of antibiotics, diuretics and steroids can lower the levels of calcium.



Hormone replacement therapy to replace the estrogen lost during menopause is helpful for women of menopausal age.


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