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Now-a- days, it’s your lifestyle and food habit that makes you for gaining weight. Obesity is nothing but too much fat present in your body. It is measured by Body mass index (BMI). In most of the cases, obesity is caused by eating unhealthy processed food & minimum physical activity. If you consume high energy from your diet but do not burn off it through regular exercise and physical activity, the extra energy will turn into fat in your body. Obesity is a condition which gradually develops and not just happens overnight. It occurs from your poor nutritional diet and lifestyle choices.


When people relax from work, they tend to watch TV, browse the internet, smart phones or play computer games. But they rarely take exercise. This lack of physical activity increases the risk of obesity. So, take a gap from your daily routine and do some exercise for half an hour at least to stay fit & healthy.


Some people think it’s not possible to loose weight as all my family members are overweight. So they think they cannot loose weight because of this genetic factor. While there are some rare genetic conditions that can cause obesity, but there is no reason why most people cannot lose weight. It’s only their laziness and eating tendency. So from here you can understand weight-height ratio & a fit body is necessary to keep away obesity.


If you are obese, you should contact a physician who follows you closely and monitors you for the known complications of obesity such as diabetes and hypertension. Obesity increases your risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, and some cancers. So it’s better to go for a checkup.


If you want to maintain a healthy weight, you have to follow some treatment. There is not as such weight-loss diet. Take healthy food & avoid processed food in your diet. Consult a doctor who will guide you the diet chart that is suitable for you. Most people who are able to maintain their weight loss get regular exercise like walking, jogging and swimming & yoga.


A behavior changes can help you to lose weight and keep it off. You can go for counseling to health professionals for your emotional issues related to eating. You can join a support group where other individuals share similar challenges.


Weight-loss surgery for obesity may be considered if you have tried other methods to lose weight that haven't worked. Sometimes, they lower the risk of disease like diabetes, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, and some cancers.


It's quite common to gain weight no matter what treatment you have tried. But don’t be upset. You have to maintain healthy weight by regular exercise & healthy food. So, keep trying.


Don’t go for any obesity medication which you have heard from somewhere else. Always consult the doctor for medication. Your doctor may prescribe include:


Prescription Drugs


Class of drugs

Generic drugs

Branded drugs

Gastrointestinal Agents



CNS Stimulants, Anorexiants








Regular exercise & taking healthy nutritional food keep you fit. If you want to maintain your weight, avoid saturated fat & alcohol, processed food, minimize fructose intake, and reduce use of computer, TV & mobile.


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