Obesity An Endemic Epidemic

Posted by Thelma Maria Simon on Tue, Nov 20, 2012  
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Obesity is a common problem these days. Every other individual we come across in our daily life is obese. Obesity is nothing but being over sized. It could be genetic, hereditary or acquired. Even if it is genetic modifying the lifestyle of a person that includes changes in diet and exercise habits can control it.


Humans all over the world, not specific to any race or community suffer from this problem. It is more commonly seen among the adolescent population these days as they are addicted to the fast food mania and the lack of exercise regimen. In many cases, parents themselves form the reason for kids to get prone to fast foods. In this busy world where both the parents are busy earning for their livelihood, they have no time to prepare good nutritious food for their children. Instead they give them some money and ask them to eat from outside (restaurants or fast food centers).


We do not realize the amount of unwanted fat and carbohydrates that go into our body at the time of consumption of these foods. This increases obesity and thereby increases the risk of getting various diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, renal disorders and many more which also includes infertility problems. Many believe as young adults we never get to contract these diseases but forget to analyze that these days’ young adults are at higher risk than old people due to these diets and sedentary lifestyle.


Occasional intake of these foods is considered fine. But, constantly depending on them for daily diet is dangerous. Sedentary lifestyle is the main culprit to add on to the problem. Sitting in front of the computers, munching on to anything and everything that you get and forgetting to burn out those extra calories lead to obesity.


Being obese not only has physiological ill effects but lots of psychological and physical ill effects too. Wearing the dress of your choice, flaunting your favorite strapless etc becomes awkward when you are obese. Sometimes you feel too embarrassed when you step in to the jeans store and the storekeeper says “sorry mam, we don’t have your size”. This adds pressure to your mind where you start feeling depressed for what you are.


Feeling low about how you appear becomes a psychological issue when the whole world appreciates the size “Zero” appearance. Sometimes it leads to a stage where people tend to go in for crash diet or liquid diet or no diet regimen that not only does harm to the body but actually has no real long time effect too.


Yet, there are a few people who do not care for the way they look, but are happy with their appearance. They do not regret for being obese nor they believe in size “Zero” appearance. This helps them to lead a happy life.


Whether obese or thin, a regular exercise with proper diet helps to give the best benefits to your health and body. Parents do have a check on what your kids eat to prevent them from getting any health issues at a very young age.


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