Mental Health Is the Key to Happiness.

Posted by Nabanita Sengupta on Sat, Sep 2, 2017  
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Health is wealth " the proverb which plays a crucial role in many people's life. But does health only mean that one should be physically fit & free from all the diseases like diabetes, high cholesterol, blood pressure and hypertension. As we all are struck into our hectic schedule and inorder to refrain us from the above mentioned diseases so hitting the gym, doing yoga, aerobics, brisk jogging no more sound snobbish to others as this has become an integral part of our fitness regime. But to restrain from the above mentioned diseases one should be mentally healthy.

In connection with today's scenerio the kind of turbulences which girl of different ages as well as from different socio-economic background encountered with whether it is in their domestic fronts and in their work places, schools, colleges. This kind of harrasments also had a bad impact on thier psychology. As a result mentally thye faced a tremendous kind of imbalances and the known faces are also very weird to them.

Acid Attacks is not a new issue. Many women during their school , college life & in their homes are the victim of the above mentioned social evil. Once this kind of tragic incidents takes place they are alienated from the society. They are considered as a burden for their family members, relatives and friends. During that tenure they die mentally at each and every moment. As far as history is concerned some committed suicide, some are left alone in a corner. Then there is no necessity for any other disease to rule on them as the whole world exploits them & this has made many of them mentally challenged.

   But there are women who has that audacity to survive in that traumatic situation. They don't let the patriarchal society to rule on them and those days have gone back. They have made their mark staritng from politics,films, business, academics, banking and sports. "Child is the father of the nation" we are all well accustomed with this proverb as every child is precious to their parents so they send their offsprings with lots of aspirations in different premier instituites across the country.

Sexual assault at schools, colleges is not a very old phenomenon. The student's dreams are also shattered when they encounter with this kind of darkness. This has a very wide impact as professors are still considered as  a parental figure and a mentor as they are the budding example for the present and the upcoming generations. But some of thier devil nature has  a negative effect which turns devastating at times.

They can't express their emotional imbalances to their parents, friend and relatives as those professors also make them scared by threatening them that they will be flunked or rusticated from the instituiton if they will bring their name in the limelight. That also makes us think at times that what is education? One who takes admission in the pioneer institutes of India and having a job which fetches a lucrative salary.

 But coming back to the psychology of those students for whom teachers sound like nightmares as they have seen the behavior which does not even categorize themelves in the list of human beings. There are incidents when  students are called in rooms privately and the physical torture takes place. Those marks which are later identified in their body parts and at times their private parts are deeply affected which sends them in a traumatic situation. When they see the mirror then those signs made them recollected those painful memories which damages their brian as after this kind of act there are illusions in their mind and those made them a psycho patient many a times.

As a result they stops going to the colleges and that is not the end as those so called academicians still chases them to fulfill their lust. In this kind of ambiences how will the students pursue their education ? So an atmosphere which is mentally healthy where there will be no fear, hesitation so that they can clarify their doubts as far as their studies are concerned. Those professors should be awarded strict penalty for this act which will instill fear in the minds of others and a person will think twice before creating such a nuisance. But there are students who are the budding example for everyone when they come with flying colours despite all the obstacles.

Marital rape is one issue which is a very sensitive and that is alos a very heinous crime where a women are forced for physical intimacy as still in many homes when the doors are shut then thye are mere puppets in front of their husbands. But marraiage according to Indian tradition is the eternal bonding between two people but with time the defination of marraige has changed a lot.Many male figures act like an animal and take their better half for granted which has a wide impact on their mental stability as thier notion changes when they visualizes the real skin and colors of their persons. They are heartbroken and when this kind of inhuman activity takes place then doctors prescribed mediicnes also don't work as medicine can heal hte external wounds but there are no medicines which can cure internal wounds as they left that girl with painful memories. That time love, affection, and care is more than any medicine. Psychiatrists counselling session is needed as  the fear of getting attacked by their husband which creates a hindrance for adjusting with the normal environment.

The above alll factors are some of the instances that in this 21st century also where a girl's mental boost is hampered and she is treated like a mere object of desire then atmosphere of animosity is created. There are women who destroys the life of others and they should be punished . The law and jurisdiction system in the country is strict. But for those who are innocent they should be given the land required where they should not survive with  breathtaking patience. Those male figures perception should change and they should pay humble respect to the girl as all are not the home maker. Many are home makers and they want their families  to be close knit.

It is unethical to usurp someone's self esteem and the tragic happenings which are taking place round the country where girls are questionable though still today when this kind of incidents took place our own near and dear ones  poses different indecent questions and remarks then what will they expect from the outside world. Mental health is one crucial issue which is given due concern in different parts of the country. Sex education in different private schools as well as in government schools have been made compulsory so that history should not be repeated.

                       By Nabanita Sengupta


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