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Posted by Subhash Chander Verma on Wed, Dec 29, 2010  
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There are certain truths about medical practices which we as doctors, our employers, our patients, their relatives and the employer of our patients; often see, feel, think and talk but never venture to dig deep in to them. Some of these truths are elemental and natural to the profession. Some of them become part of our life due to environmental factors and there are some which creep in to our professional space against our willingness to accommodate them. We as doctors are required to be aware about them. Our patients should also know about them so that they can see the truth and be not carried away.

Number 1. Professional Incompetency.   Not all doctors are supposed to be competent to tackle all the diseases in most competent and skill-full manner. But a doctor can not say - " I done know anything about it and it will be better if you take help from someone else". He will always tone down his level of incompetency by playing down one or two lines of differential diagnosis and treatments. Well, so far, a doctor dont delay the treatment and donot force certain medication, he has done his bit well. LESSON : Patients shall take small cues and see that they dont force the doctor for SOME treatment.

Number 2. Dislike for the Patient.   Some doctors would certainly develop a dislike for a certain type of patients. Whatever his reason, while a patine can choose a doctor, a doctor may not always be in a position to choose a patient. LESSON : Build mutual trust, keep doctor inform, listen to him carefully, keep questions straight and simple and dont ever pass remarks about one doctor in front of another.

Number 3.  Diagnostic Cuts.   Doctors referring a patient for certain investigation to diagnostic centers do have re-numeration for the numbers. Same laboratory do offer a percentage deduction if the doctor recommends. LESSON. Be aware about frequent laboratory tests. May be one can ask doctor to give his remark on prescription for any deductions.

Number 4. PHARMA-TRAP.    Many doctors find themselves in the pharma -trap. The pharmaceutical may have aggressive marketing strategy which a doctor have to follow, else he may become outcast. LESSON. Always ask doctor if he considers the particular medicine to be the best. 

Number 5. Corruption.    Is it very harsh to read this. This is for all doctors in employed jobs. If your patient is waiting for you to receive necessary medical attention and the patient is being denied that on one pretext or other then it is corrupt practice. Any denial of right treatment at right time by the service provider and which gives the benefit of time, leisure, or other renumeration to service provider it is corruption. LESSON : Report to management if timings are not displayed any if there is delay in treatment. 


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