Looking Within for Health and Wealth

Posted by Gunasekaran Jayaraman on Sun, Feb 7, 2016  
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Day to day stress accumulates and psychological errors will upsurge if a health complication is not adequately taken care of. It is quite natural that we feel sad when diagnosed at the outset of the disease and take in therapies for remedy with hope and desperation to recover. Whatever the therapeutic options we choose from outside, a hand in hand dive within us would be significant in healing of the disease and rejuvenation – a little bit of that extra push!


Meditation is the key to looking within which unlocks a new you to you. A daily practice of meditation will hasten the healing. Meditation is added with yogic exercise and pranayama. Yogic exercise helps to tone the body and enhance the strength and vigour, pranayama to enrich the tissues with oxygen and meditation to touch the inner consciousness and achieve mind body stability.


Inner consciousness brings the joy within to the surface and the pain of disease keeps diminishing. A sound mind gives a sound body and vice versa. When one spoils, it can still be nourished with the help of the other through inner healing. When the subtle energy flow within our system gets activated, there is sufficient flow of vital secretions, cells recuperate and rejuvenate all leading to the stable body. With stable body comes stable mind. A stable mind enables us to deliver our duties at its best.


A focussed mind takes care of the deliverables on time. There is an opinion that the focussed mind travels faster than light. Such a mind can help in comprehending the difficult of the difficult problems in no time and find the solutions for almost all of our problems. As the task is executed easily there is less stress.


Single pointedness connects with the greater consciousness, there by the intuitive faculties gets activated. Our body is already a system of miracles within it. Connecting ourselves with the greater consciousness through meditation only opens our system for greater miracles to happen. From the remotest possibility to getting back well to normal health is a possibility here. Believe, learn, practice, persevere, and reap the fruits.


In addition to the above, never fail to add flavours to the practice with compassion and service through your own possible ways to the fellow humans. With all these, health and wealth will eventually walk into your doorstep.


After all, we are a nation where great Yogis have lived. Discover the truth about them yourselves!


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