Learn to Say No and Destress Yourself

Posted by Lakshmi Gopal on Wed, Aug 3, 2011  
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Do you habitually say ‘yes’ to demands that people make of you all the time? Do you always try to match upto other people’s expectations of you? Do you stretch yourself endlessly to please others so as to be in their good books? Well, your efforts are only pushing you towards a stress-filled life. An overly hectic lifestyle harms your mental and physical health in the long run. The key is to simplify your life by taking a step toward minimizing stress.


Do your daily activities nourish you?

Think – are your daily activities benefitting you? You may need to eliminate activities that drain you emotionally and don’t give you fulfillment. Unnecessary socializing with neighbors, relatives and colleagues only leaves you tired and short of time (and breath). Say ‘no’ to the things that you do not want to do, instead of saying ‘yes’ because you didn't want to disappoint people.


Don’t multi-task all the time

Is multi-tasking taking a toll on your cognitive powers? Do you find yourself rushing into the kitchen or opening the refrigerator only to forget why you were there in the first place? Focus on one thing at a time, but for short intervals, so that you can attend to most things you have planned throughout the day.


Ask your family members to help you

How would you know that your 9-year-old cannot fix himself a sandwich or arrange his cupboard if you never let him do it? Or that your husband can’t chop vegetables for the next meal or clean up after dinner? Being hands-on about everything will only leave you tired and frustrated at the end of the day.


Don’t try to be perfect, try to be happy

Who says everything that you do has to be perfect? Enjoy what you do and the results that you get. There will always be another occasion to improve on the results. Also, think creatively and try to plan ahead.


Lord Krishna’s philosophy – live in the present

Cultivate the practice of living fully in the moment. Do not rewind to the stress you've experienced in the past or fast-forward to the unknown future. The present moment makes up all your past and future – an enjoyable and fulfilling life.


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