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Do you want to know your child even before the child is born?


 If the answer is yes, then the below article would give you some basic insights

Infant are unique individuals who have the ability to express themselves which are unique to them. This uniqueness of trait is expressed through emotions and Physical trait.


An infant passes through multiple changes in their behavior and Physical growth, which is not only influenced by the developmental milestones but also greatly influenced by the environment in which the infant is brought up. However the infant’s innate personality always stays with him/her trough out life and provides a base on which further positive and negative traits build up.

Through careful observation one can sense the innate trait of an infant even before the birth of the child….


Phase 1: Before Birth:

Some one would think, the below changes experienced by the mother, are due to the personality of the mother and do not relate to the child; but we tend to forget that the child who has been impregnated with a unique combination of genes from both the parents have got the ability to express his/her own unique traits, which are expressed through the mother even before the child sees the outside world.


Did you ever noticed, why some pregnant mothers are oversensitive to some or all foods and why some do not suffer from hypersensitiveness to internal or external impressions.

 Some have cravings for a particular taste and some have an aversion to it.


Why some mothers have a tendency to sleep most of the time and some mothers work till the due date itself.

Why some mothers suddenly   become emotional, hypersensitive to external and or internal impression and for some life goes as same as before, and do not experience any emotional outbursts.

Expecting mothers apart from mental changes also experience physical changes, like Acanthosis, dryness of skin, allergic reactions, odema, and puffiness of eyes, Nausea & Vomiting, which may or may not be experienced by all females.


Phase 2: Pre and during Labor:

Children with an innate tendency of being sluggish would have a tendency to have less kick count as compared to the ones who are hyperactive.

For some we need to   induce labor pains, some pains start prematurely

Some infant require forceps to come out some do not require any thing, and some need C -Section


Post Labor:

Infant once in the world of their own, exhibit features which creates a foundation, for features which makes the child unique.


During the nursing Phase:

Infants show individuality during this phase also, some react violently if the milk is not available; by biting the mother’s breast, some would just cry. The type of cry would also be a differentiating feature for the infant.

Some infant sleep during particular part of the day/ night, some have a particular way of sleeping.  Some require fan, some do not require, some like covering the head, some do not. It is not a surprise, when an infant has its own way of expressing him/herself, which are in fact expression of uniqueness


Examples which would help parents to judge their child’s personality would be covered up the series of articles to come, which would help them to nurture the best their child have and help him grow as a better individual

This uniqueness   shapes up what is known as the constitution of the person, helps a Homeopath to give the correct remedy which is matched by the presenting Physical and Mental features of the person.


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