Know All About Kidney Donation On World Kidney Day 2010.

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Thu, Mar 11, 2010  
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On the occasion of the World Kidney day 2010, I thought that each one of us need to know all about kidney donation, so that we could remove all our fears and come readily up to save precious lives that are lost by kidney failure. Yes dear friends, kidney donation is a major and noble decision, where you give a gift to someone you love and care for to live a few more years happily. It is very important that you understand the full implications of kidney donation so that you make a well-informed decision.


The first question, which is well answered by a doctor regarding the right time of kidney transplant, is when the kidney is working just 10-15%. This stage is also called End Stage Renal Disease, where the treatment options for a patient are dialysis or kidney transplant only. The patient’s doctor is the best person to suggest the suitable treatment option depending on age, condition of patient and other factors.


The second question pertaining to who can donate a kidney is well answered by doctors that anyone between 18 years of age and early 70’s who could be parents, children, siblings, other relatives, and friends, who have a real interest in donating a kidney and have a compatible blood type with the recipient can donate a kidney. The person who donate a kidney should be of good general health not suffering from high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, liver disease, sickle cell disease, HIV or hepatitis. In addition, every donor is to be evaluated as a separate case.


Yes, the next decision of whether one is ready to donate a kidney or not depends on each donor’s individual decision. One should never be under pressure to donate his kidney. Some may donate kidney fearlessly, however others may discuss it well with family and friends. There is no need for fear or guilt in deciding to donate a kidney. If one wishes to donate one’s kidney one could be well informed of the process by talking to living kidney donor teams.


Once one has made an informed decision to donate his blood type, antigen match and cross matches are found out and after getting a clear agreement from the donor various tests may have to be done to clearly evaluate if you are fit for kidney donation.  Tests and X-rays are done to eliminate any health problem that may enter into the decision of accepting a person as a donor. Blood pressure, sugar, kidney, liver and heart are tested for proper functioning. Also one is tested for communicable diseases like AIDS, Hepatitis and HIV. Once one has been found to be good for donation, the surgeon will examine you and a clinical social worker will complete a psychosocial evaluation.


Well one may have some doubts about kidney transplant surgery and the risks involved. Bleeding and infection associated with any major surgery are the only risks involved if any. Statistics shows that the death due to donation of kidney is very rare and there is no change in the life expectancy or risks of kidney disease or other health problems. A donor can lead an active, normal and healthy life with only one kidney. One may feel tired for a few days after donating a kidney, but one can work, drive, exercise, and play certain sports though contact sports are strictly restricted. Besides one should not life heavy weights of more than 20 lbs. The donor’s being active doing certain light activities including walking help fast recovery. Walking after surgery after a rest period helps to remove pain due to gas and bloating.  Wearing loose clothes is comfortable and helps healing of the incision point.


Lastly, the feelings one may get after one donates a kidney could be great, being satisfied that one has been able to give quality life top ones near and dear or to a human being who could be an important bread-winner of a family too. However if the outcome of the surgery has not been very encouraging as complications to the donor or recipient, or if the donor has not been too sure of his decision the feelings could be one of negative or mixed thoughts and emotions.


To conclude, dear friends there are a lot of young people who die due to lack of getting a proper kidney for transplant. Yes, one has to make a proper well-informed decision to donate a kidney or any part of ones body, however kidney donation is a noble virtue. Do not fear kidney donation, but view it as something important a good and sacrificing cause to give life for those who need it the most.   


Let Us All March Towards Prevention Of Kidney Failure And Work Towards The Noble Cause Of Kidney Donation.     


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