Infertility:Hidden Causes and Guidelines Highlighted

Posted by Binal Chavda on Fri, Sep 27, 2019  
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Infertility is the most sensitive health issue being faced by majority of couples in today’s world.There are innumerable causes and factors responsible.About 2 out of 10 couples in metro cities are suffering from the infertility problem.

Sequentially there are  four major causes of Infertility:

  • Stress
  • Hormonal Imbalance(mostly in females)
  • Irregular Lifestyle
  • Diet and Regimen

The most responsible and important cause to be highlighted is STRESS.Stress evolves unnecessarily negative hormones like Cortisol which curbs the functions of major systems of the body including reproductive system and hamper the formation of healthy qualitative egg in female and concomitantly decreases the qualitative and quantitative production of sperms in male causing infertility issues.So first and foremost,the couple need to relax and have a positive attitude towards planning ahead and not be obsessed about having a baby.Also  need to soothe themselves from job and  daily activities  by practising  yoga and meditation techniques which boosts up the immune system as well as creates a positive environment mentally and physically  for family planning.

Secondly,Hormonal Imbalance mostly in females contributes around 75% role in causing infertility.The reason behind it is Hyperestrogenism(excessive amount of estrogenic activity in the body)which ends up in low levels of FSH  and LH and finally low levels of progesterone resulting in Infertility.Imbalances of progesterone levels causes increased risk of miscarriage,increased PMS (Premenstrual syndrome)symptoms,Depression,Thyroid dysfunction,Fibrocystic Breasts,Weight Gain,Irregular Menstrual cycle.To combat these imbalances,avoid foods and herbs that increases estrogen levels like soya,Dried Fruits,Sesame seeds,Beans,Peas,Cereals,Soymilk,Tofu/Paneer,Soyabeans,Too much sugar and carbohydrates,Dairy Products ,Use of Plastic products and containers.

Third causative factor is the Irregular lifestyle which also affects the physical and mental plane of the body in a considerable role.For example most commonest form of irregular lifestyle is Abnormal Sleep patterns.In both men and women,the same part of the brain that regulates sleep-wake hormones i.e melatonin and cortisol also triggers a daily release of reproductive hormones .Lack of proper sleep directly hinders the production of reproductive hormones resulting in infertility.In the same way,Irregular eating patterns have diverse negative effects  like weight gain,metabolic syndrome which makes all systems of the body sluggish and inactive.Hence  adequate sleep and regular dietary pattern is very essential step towards planning for pregnancy.

Lastly but mostly importantly the factor responsible is Diet.Eating healthy nutritious foods boosts fertility.Some foods are favourable for conception as it boosts immunity,progesterone levels and contribute in boosting metabolism which in turn increases the fertility chances.

Increase foods rich in VitB6 and Vit C  to maintain optimal levels of Progesterone.Vit B  is necessary for liver to breakdown estrogen.If it doesn’t break it down,levels of estrogen increases creating hormonal imbalance.Vit B6 rich sources are walnuts,whole grains ,red meat,bananas ,Spinach,walnuts.

Consume Zinc rich foods like red meat,Dark Chocolate,wheat germ,pumpkin seeds,watermelon seeds as zinc is essential for hormonal health and extremely important for production of adequate levels of progesterone.Zinc is a mineral that prompts pituitary gland to release FSH,which in turn promote ovulation and stimulate ovaries to produce estrogen and progesterone.

Fertility booster foods:

  • Brown Rice:Promotes regular ovulation,contains folic acid which aids in blood production and sustaining pregnancy.
  • Whole Milk:Contain Calcium which is good for healthy reproductive health,also contains healthy trans fats needed for pregnancy.
  • Olive Oil:Monosaturated fat present in Olive Oil improves body’s sensitivity to insulin and reduce inflammation both of which are good for fertility.
  • Broccoli:Due to high VitC content,Broccoli help boosts fertility..

In men,Vit C improves sperm quality and protects sperm from DNA damage.

In women,it helps reduce the chance of miscarriage and chromosomal problems.

  • Black Beans:Rich in fibre that helps regulate blood sugar levels which helps reduce fertility issues such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Immunological issues.
  • Almonds:High in Vit E ,it improves Sperm health in men.It also protects embryos from miscarriages.Vit E is important antioxidant that helps protect DNA in sperm and eggs.

Conclusively,too many factors are responsible for causing Infertility problems but if they are highlighted and taken care of with awareness and adequate steps taken to fill the loopholes ,the fertility  scenario can be altered towards a positive change.


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