India’s Skill in Robotic Surgery brings it in favour of Medical Tourists

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What is Robotic Surgery?


Call it Robotic surgery or robotic assisted surgery; it is nothing but a minimally invasive surgery wherein cameras and instruments are inserted via small incisions. This gives a clear picture to the surgeon, which are more often 3 D and high quality images. In this way, the surgeons are able to perfectly carry out the procedure. These robotic equipments are tools for the surgeons, which enhance their capability to offer the best quality care for their patients. The success or failure of the robotic surgery would depend up on the experience and skills of the surgeon handling these devices. It’s obvious to see only the skilled and experienced surgeons taking up the robotic surgery hence the success rate is always high, while there are exceptions in rare cases.


Advantages of Robotic Surgery


The robotic surgery is an advance level procedure, which helps the surgeon to carry out his job with utter perfection and professionalism. Hence its but natural to see a couple of benefits of this surgery. Some of the basic advantages of robotic surgery include loads of enhancement in the control of surgeons of the instrument and their capability to carry out much of the intricate procedures. The robotic arms even are seen filtering tremors over the human, which help in getting greater level of steadiness. Hence it has benefits both for the patients and surgeons as well, which we will start with the former.


The Patients can reap the following advantages of robotic surgery:

Minimal amount of pain after surgery

Minimal level risk of infection

Very less amount of anaesthesia

Small amount of blood loss

Shorter stay at the hospitals

Quicker & complete recovery

Faster return to usual daily activities


The Surgeons can enjoy the following benefits of Robotic Surgery:

Immersive High-Definition 3-D Visualization: The console pertaining to surgical system simply engrosses the surgeon/doctor in a three dimensional (3D) visual display. Every robotic arm is seen with small size camera attached to it, which offers video feedback magnification at more than ten times the normal sight before the surgeon. This amount of magnification can easily enhance the ability of the surgeon in order to carry out the surgery safely on sensitive patients (especially the toddlers) with tiny organs and tissues.


Complete Articulating Instruments: The surgeons get fully articulating instruments while carrying out the robotic surgery, which further helps them in fixing the ailment without any infection of other issue. However, this is just the opposite of the open surgery, which the surgeon has to access in order to operate the body.


Intuitive Computer Enhanced Motion Control: With the computerized controls using the surgical console can be simple to learn and master. However, this is not the case of previous surgical methods. Thus you get one of the finest operational services when it comes to any procedure in medical circles.


India’s Advantage as prime medical tourism destination for robotic surgery


The Indian hospitals catering different Robotic Surgical procedures are committed to offer the patients with one of the best clinical results. Indian hospitals are known to have the highly trained and skilled surgeons, thanks to the state-of-the-art medical facilities that geared up towards offering superior patient experience. The high end robotic surgery is available in all the possible specialities including cardiac, bariatric, gastrointestinal, paediatrics, gynaecology, etc. Indian hospitals are not just confined to giving high quality healthcare services with the presence of highly competitive doctors but also provide the same with low cost, which drives the medical tourists from all the parts of the world to India for various healthcare solutions.




Robotic Surgery is a high end procedure, which requires both expertise and experience to handle. It gives some of the best benefits and Indian healthcare departments are equipped with the same, which gives an edge to it. Considering the number of benefits, more and more medical tourists are coming down to India for various robotic surgeries.


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