Human Egg Donation

Posted by J Currie on Sat, Sep 12, 2009  
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Egg donation is no longer such a new topic and warrants substantial awareness - so that people can start to understand every thing about egg donation and understand the process, the concept of egg donation.  The botttom line is that human egg donation is such a precious and giving deed of really giving of the self to some one else - as a selfless and precious deed.

Several articles, posts and comments have been posted on various topics that relate to human egg donation.  Individual detail and comments have described the various aspects pertaining to:
Egg Donors - becoming an egg donor, risks pertaining to egg donation, how to apply to become an egg donor, role and committment for egg donors, egg donor screening, tests required to be an egg donor, egg donor remuneration, egg donor frequently asked questions, the actual egg donor program, number of visits, impact on the egg donor's fertility, how the egg donor treatment proceeds, being selected as an egg donor, consent provided from egg donors, feedback about egg donation recipients - whether the egg donation has been successful, donating your eggs again, costs to be incurred by egg donors, the concept of an egg donor being anonymous, confidential egg donors, an egg donor registry, whether the donor egg human can stipulate to whom she donates her eggs and more.

From the perspective of the recipient of donor eggs, they have to understand medical, psychological, social and academic background of the egg donor, costs incurred in egg donation, how mong the egg donation program will take, whether the egg donor will have access to contact the egg donation recipient, egg donation success, finding a reputable egg donation agency, professional egg donation clinics, access to egg donor profiles, waiting period for egg donation. 

Evidently human egg donation requires guidance from a professional and reputable body who can give egg donation expertise and who is adequately equipped with substantial egg donation information and can speak with experience.


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