How You Could Be Energetic By Positive Thinking.

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Thu, Feb 11, 2010  
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All of us are born on this Earth to achieve a lot in life. However it is found that some of us are always successful while others fail to do so. All of us have been born with capabilities in life and have to face success and failures in life, However we find that those who resist being weighed down by ones failures and always adopt a positive view towards life are always successful in their ventures. Yes, you should be positive in life to get positive results. Positive thoughts give energy while negative thoughts act as a sap on ones energy.


It is quite natural for most of us to think negative when we are faced with failures and disappointments. However, it is all in our hands to decide if we want these negative thoughts to dominate our thoughts and actions or not. It is purely in our hands to substitute positive thoughts for negative ones. Only we can fill our minds with positive thoughts, so as to take positive action. Similarly it is purely in our hands to resist and substitute negative emotions like anger, revenge, jealousy and fear. These emotions only show that we feel we are a failure or that we are deficient in something. Instead it would help if one can substitute these thoughts by positive thoughts that even we can try hard to achieve things that others have achieved. Yes, that enthusiasm would help us feel energetic to achieve our goals.    


Substituting negative thoughts by giving self-affirmations to ourselves can help us build positive thoughts and emotions. A student writing a competitive exam may be filled with negative thoughts if he will fare well due to the general atmosphere of competition around. He can however work hard to clear the exam and can give positive affirmations to his self as,” I am confident and well-prepared to write the exam”, or “ I have prepared well and God is there to guide me to do well” he is sure to feel energetic, motivated and in the right spirit to write the exam. Yes, you are right. These positive affirmations could bring about good results.


The secret to fighting negative emotions and thoughts lie in canalizing ones efforts to be more productive actions. If one is angry or sad it would help if one does something that involves physical labor like cleaning up a room, doing some dusting, or clearing up ones work table and so on. One is sure to feel positive and energetic once the work is done. In addition one feels productive, enthusiastic and energetic which itself is a positive emotion.



All of us could turn positive by using our power of vision. It is best if one can continuously imagine positive things happening to us. It has been well said that what you visualize you are sure to get in life. If you want to be a good speaker, visualize yourself giving a good speech and everyone clapping and applauding you and if you want to be a good doctor visualize yourself doing a surgery that is very successful.  Visualization of the positive makes one feel enthusiastic and energetic and promises positive results.


Thinking of positive things that have happened to us and thanking God for them is a sure way of acknowledging the positive in our life and thanking someone only means we appreciate it.  When we appreciate things we feel fulfilled and energetic that in the similar way we can achieve more positive things in life. 


Last but not the least, one should maintain a happy and cheerful attitude in life. Yes, these positive thoughts and emotions are purely in our own hands. A positive mental attitude of taking things easy, developing an attitude to laugh and be laughed at and is something very important. Joining Laughter clubs could help people who have lost the art to laugh and enjoy life.


So dear friends, be positive to get positive results, substitute positive thoughts for negative, give positive self-affirmations and always fill your mind with positive thoughts to be energetic and motivated.   


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