How You Can Stop Drinking Naturally Now.

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Tue, Mar 9, 2010  
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Most of us are aware of the ill effects of drinking alcohol, but find it is very difficult to stop the habit once we have got used to it. We also know of the fall in self-image due to drinking. However stopping drinking is purely in our hands and other people’s efforts to help us can prove useful only then.


The first step in the journey to give up drinking starts with the first step of realizing the negative aspects of drinking and incidents that caused negative relationships in home and at work. Yes, if you want to give up drinking you have to realize how you felt after each drinking situation, how it harmed your health, increased absenteeism at work and how your wife and children at home and your colleagues at work viewed the situation and treated you. It is best to also think over the threat drinking caused to your health, relationships and career and to your family and friends.


Now comes the real act of giving up drinking, which is very easy to acquire but very hard to give up. So you have to be very determined and think that I have to control myself and decide that alcoholism is not going to control you. There are various techniques that could help you give up drinking. There are so many Anonymous and alcohol treatment centers, which could help you give up drinking and also give you guidance regarding dealing with withdrawal symptoms.


These centers conduct programs for alcohol rehabilitation. They conduct seminars and events to educate and help people to give up drinking. They also have the facility that is needed for an alcoholic to deal with alcohol cravings. They are of great help in also suggesting various activities that a drinker can take up to divert oneself and help one to get over the problem of drinking.


The next step is to enlist the help of your family and close friends. They would be sure to help you because they love and care for you. They would be sure to advice you about ways to relax and how to develop your self-confidence. Once a person feels good and confident of oneself the day is not far when he will be free of alcohol and alcohol cravings.


Moral and emotional support and sound advice and help from ones spouse should be taken in the right spirit. Once you are motivated and build a strong will power you are sure to fight the urge to drink. However be sure to thank your near and dear in every step they assist you to give up drinking. 


One step that could really assist to give up drinking is to remove or dispose off all the things that remind you of drinking. It could be those drinking glasses at home, those ice jars at home and probably the jacket you wore when you went on a drinking brawl with your buddies.  Next, just resist those invitations by your buddies to go out and drink after a tired day at work. Just go back home, spend that time with your wife and children, helping her make dinner and suggesting you make it or play some board game with your children or discuss what is going on in their life and share your experiences as a youngster.


In addition you could also suggest to your buddies that it would be good to give up drinking and that they should also be determined to five up drinking and enlist people’s help. You could instead go to a gym, play some sport like tennis, join a running, walking or jogging club and help you improve your mental and emotional health.


To sum up dear brave friends of mine who have the strong determination to give up drinking, be sure to be rid of this bad and harmful habit and enlist the help of all of us to give up smoking and say, “I control my life now, not my bottle of beer.”  









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