How You Can Have An Emotional Detoxification Regularly.

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Fri, Mar 12, 2010  
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Most of us are aware that we have to take a bath regularly to be physically clean besides adopting other hygienic practices, We also take steps to detoxify our body of toxins from atmosphere, food and water, however most of us neglect to take steps to detoxify emotionally, so we have positive thoughts, become more emotionally and mentally productive and lead a worthwhile quality life.


Yes, we all have certain toxins in our mind and emotions that affect our productivity and vigor. They are emotions like guilt, fear, hurt, anger and jealousy that weigh upon our mind and make us ineffective and unproductive. These feelings need not necessarily be real emotions but could also be supposed or misunderstood. So there is every need to detoxify mentally and throw out these negative emotions.


These negative emotions are just like dirt and rubbish, which is to be thrown out of the mind. It is just like spring-cleaning ones house to remove all the dirt and rubbish and throw them all out of your house. Just imagine yourself standing closing your eyes near a river. Think of all the negative things in your life that is affecting you and imagine you are putting them all in a basket and throwing them into a river. Just meditate in the same mood and you would soon find all your negative emotions washed off and gone far away.


It has been found by recent research that most of the diseases have their root in the stress experienced by a person. Some of the natural methods by which a person can detoxify emotionally are by doing breathing exercises, yoga, self-hypnosis and other exercises. Doing physical exercises by walking, running, jogging or going to the gym helps to promote positive feelings in an individual. However there is a need to remove the toxins caused by emotional thoughts.


Meditation and deep breathing exercises helps to detoxify emotionally. It is best to learn and take help in these exercises from people who are qualified to help. When doing deep breathing exercises, one should imagine fresh breath coming in when one breathes in and negative thoughts and emotions being pushed out when one breathe out. These exercises can be done at least twice in a day and whenever one feels stressed by negative thoughts and emotions.


Therapists can help a person detoxify emotionally, if he fails by other natural methods. They study the emotional make-up of an individual and suggest appropriate methods. Behavioral therapy helps to make a person happy and good of himself/herself and helps remove negative thoughts and emotions. The person needing help in put through a few sessions of therapy and taught exercises and methods to detoxify emotionally and feel happy.


A therapist may teach a client self-hypnosis where the client learns to talk to oneself about positive things, which he starts believing. Self-affirmations like, “ I am a capable person,” “I can do everything by means of my will power”, “I am hale and healthy” can help a person to believe in his own self. Likewise, substituting positive thoughts for negative thoughts could also help an individual believe in his own self and is a very important way to detoxify emotionally.


It is best you have trusted friends in whom you can confide and ventilate your feelings. Allowing negative thoughts and emotions to just simmer inside you would prove to be very harmful to your health. Your friends would be ready to hear you and maybe even offer certain suggestions regarding how you can get over these feelings.


Besides, even if they are not in a position to help you, still you have put out your feelings, which is sure to help you. If you have no friends whom you can really trust then just keep a diary to pen your feelings. Do make sure you keep your diary in a place that is accessible to you only. A more safe way to detoxify emotionally would be to just write out all your feelings in a scrap paper and tear and throw it in the dustbin.


To conclude do detoxify emotionally at regular intervals by doing physical exercises, breathing exercises, meditation and yoga. In addition, do take help from professionals qualified to help to learn self-hypnosis, how to substitute positive for negative thoughts and ventilate your negative feelings. Lastly do have trusted friends in whom you can confide and you can listen to and make everyone’s life productive and qualitative.


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