How You Can Be Healthy And Cheerful By Changing Your Transport Habits.

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Fri, Jan 22, 2010  
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Along with industrialization and improvement of standard of living comes the fact that we are losing on the green element in our environment. Most of our industries emit a lot of harmful gases that is vane of the present times along with added problems to health and prosperity. In addition the increase in the variety and amount of motorized vehicles adds to the already polluted environment. Yes we can change the way of transportation to decrease pollution and contribute to a greener planet by reducing the effect of global warming. Besides a greener planet you are sure to get other benefits too that could make you healthy and happy.

You can decrease pollution and contribute to a greener planet by changing the way of transportation.  Do you work in a place that is close to the place where you live? If yes it is time you start enjoying going to work by a bicycle. Just go to a shop that sells bicycles and buy yourself one. It need not be a very expensive one. So long as it serves your purpose it is fine.  Buying a bicycle could serve many purposes. It could first provide you with the exercise needed for the body. Riding on a bicycle to work could make you turn more strong and healthy. Besides people in big vehicles would envy the swift way you go through traffic with more chances to wriggle through a traffic jam. You are sure to lose weight that is the root cause of many serious diseases.  

In addition you are sure to be contributing to the reduction of pollution towards building a greener planet. Yes and not to miss on the fun time you would have riding your bike to work. You could also use it for your shopping sprees to the close by super markets. I am sure you would find cycling invigorating and an ideal way to fight stress too. Lastly it is not to be forgotten that you can ride fast on the bike in summer to get some breeze and in winter to get real warmed up.  

If your place of work or super market is a bit further away you could substitute your commute by car to taking a bus or car-pooling. Taking a public transport is a very ideal way to travel to turn this earth into a greener planet as it saves fuel and pollution of so many individual cars and motorized vehicles. Besides you will also get some physical exercise going to and coming from the stops these public vehicles stop. Besides public vehicles give us some personal time which we can devote to so many things; you could read books and novels, listen to your favorite hits on your I-pod, or complete unfinished office work on your laptop. Besides you could take short naps to compensate for the rest needed.

Traveling by public transport also helps one to improve ones social life thereby contributing to good emotional and mental life.  You can easily talk with the people who travel to and fro with you to your work point. This would be very valuable because one hardly gets time to socialize in today’s busy and industrialized world. So commuting together gives you time to talk to others thereby helping in the improvement of the memory and mood. Besides one could easily get over depression and self-isolation by such social contacts. Also it is interesting to find that higher social interactions lead to higher cognitive capacity in people. To the list of things that people need to do to fight depression is interacting with people each day for at least a few minutes.  Social interaction has been found to help mentally depressed people also when combined with exercise, cognitive behavioral therapy and meditation.

Yes, not to be missed you turn more productive when you have undisturbed time to yourself when you commute. As has already been said, you can catch up on office work, build up social contacts, read, listen to music or do anything. Commuting and having quality time to do other things helps in better managing your time resources. Besides your family and you have real quality time to spend together leading to better understanding and mutually satisfying relationships. Not to overlook the additional benefit you could reap by reduction in stress and better mental health and wellness.

Last but not the least many firms offer opportunities to work from home. This is a very good option as you are saved of stress and time in traveling and can do work at leisure at your home. In addition one is saved of going out in the unhealthy environment. Besides if more employers offer such work at home opportunities it would lead to the over-all decrease in pollution and better health for all.

To conclude, if all of us take serious view of these points that could make use cheerful and healthy the time is not far for us to have a greener planet with reduced effect of global warming and reduction in pollution.


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