How to Maintain Your Bone & Joint Health While in a Lockdown

Posted by Shailendra Patil on Sat, Jul 18, 2020  
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The covid-19 virus has brough the whole world to a lockdown. India is no exception to this and we are now in a 21-day lockdown. Which means no going out of your home for except for essential things… 21 days is a long time which can adversely affect the human body, if proper precautions are not taken. So we at bone and joint care thought of suggesting some tips and precautions to help you maintain your physical health while in the lockdown.


  1. Cooking or cleaning utensils requires standing for a long period of time this can put immense load no the hip and knee joint leading to joint pain. Hence, when cooking or cleaning always try to shift your weight between legs while standing
  2. Avoid bending forward and sweeping rather use standing position and use long broom. Bending forward and doing this activities take toll on back muscle and make it prone to injuries.
  3. If you intend to be the couch potato this lockdown or going to sit in front of the PC while working from home, try to get up from sitting position every 40-45 minutes and if you can muster the courage stand up and perform some simple stretches. as shown below


  1. Get your daily dose of Vitamin D: Vitamin D is essential to maintain bone & joint health Staying at home means minimal to no exposure to sun at all. Sunlight is essential to maintain the Vitamin D levels of the body. If possible, Try to  get some sunlight for atleast 15-30 mins. If you have joint pain this is essential… you can also consult an orthopaedic for vitamin D supplements. Be warned – self-medication and overdose can cause complications.
  2. Try Simple Exercises for 20-30 minutes every day or atleast alternate days to maintain your joints and muscles. You don’t have to go all pro like the celebrities or follow any regime. Just even simple exercises, even the ones taught in school PT classes should suffice.
  3. If exercise is not your piece of cake Just Walk in your house or the building compound from one end to the other 30- 60 minuses will keep your health in check until the lockdown ends. (maintain proper distance and sanitary precautions like a mask and alcohol rub is essential)
  4. This long lockdown period is going to take toll on your mental health aswell. Hence, try to do yoga or meditation to keep your mental health in check. So keeping your mind well exercises is as important as your body.

Yes it’s just that simple to maintain your health while in the lockdown. We hope that by following these simple steps will help you get back to normal life after lockdown without any joint pain.

So keep smiling..


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