How To Grow With Age And Not Age.

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Sat, Jan 23, 2010  
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It is a well-known fact that we grow old with age, but this does not mean we have to age in the mind and body. Surely we can grow with age but need not necessarily age. Yes you are perfectly right we can by our nutrition, emotions and attitude towards grow with age but need not have the adverse effects of age. 


One’s attitude plays a very vital role in the aging process. We find so many people who are just in their 40’s who complain that they are aging and think that they should abstain from certain activities in life. On the other side we have people in their 70’s or 80”s who are still quite strong and enthusiastic. It has been very well said, “Your attitude decides your altitude in life”. Most of us have aches, which seem to increase with age. Instead of blaming our aches and supposing we cannot do anything because of them it would be good to figure out their cause and take action.


Some of these aches that develop with age may be due to lack of activity and exercise. Making ourselves active can easily cure stiffness of joints. It is best if one can do simple exercises like walking and climbing stairs. It would be good to join an exercise club; it would help initiate us to do exercises in a group. A morning walk and / after dinner walk could help us keep healthy and strong.


One’s memory and brain seem to decline with age. However this should not hamper one in doing things or make one feel one is mentally incapable. It would help if people even in their 70’s and 80”s increased their mental exercise by trying to solve Sudoku, crossword and mind puzzles. These puzzles are logical and can help to exercise one’s brain with activity. This will help you grow with age and not age. 


Besides it is best to grow with age and turn emotionally mature. It is useless to worry about minor personality clashes in the family. These tiffs could be more prevalent in families with 2 incomes where the grandparents look after the grandchildren and the home. It is no use worrying on this account and divert one’s attention to something more productive. Spending quality time with grandchildren teaching them good aspects of life besides helping them with their homework could make one feel more useful and productive and not age in the body and mind.


In addition, the secret to not age also lies in our attitude towards life. If ones attitude is positive and enthusiastic one will always be happy and be able to tackle the aches and problems of old age easily. Positive attitude also lies in accepting the good points of others and eliminating the bad points. In addition, one should develop a sense of humor and be able to laugh at oneself also at times. Also be aware of your weaknesses but never believe that things are impossible. It is best to revamp oneself and believe that impossible is only in the dictionary of fools.    


It is also best to carry on hobbies that you had set aside because of lack of time and family responsibilities. Maybe one could read, go for spiritual talks or even join a club for the old where you would find people of identical interests. One can share their happiness and sorrows with like age and likeminded people and each one could contribute to mutual growth of all. Inculcating a habit of doing meditation daily could also improve the mental and emotional aspect for growth.


Last but not the least do eat a good and nutritious diet. Taking a lot of organic fruits and vegetables in the form of salads would help. Sprouts also has nutrition packed in it and is affordable also However one has to take care to avoid excesses of salt, animal fat and sugar. It is better as one grows older to take smaller meals at regular intervals. Smoking as well as drinking should be avoided.


To conclude, the secret behind growing with age and not to age is to come to terms with the reality that one should come to terms with the reality that there would be a decline in physical functioning, however one can use and polish ones existing abilities to live a full life


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