How To Get Over Loneliness And Promote Health

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Wed, Feb 22, 2012  
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Loneliness is not just a feeling, but something that made one more prone to many diseases came as an eye-opener to me. Infections, heart disease, stress, and infection are just some of the few things that loneliness and social isolation bring about; affecting your health, wellness and longevity similar to that of a smoker or consumer of alcohol. It is also true that loneliness is the primary cause for increase in the level of stress hormones, with strokes, heart attacks and hypertension being the important signs of ill health.

It was quite an interesting fact today to find that loneliness has taken its toll even in the young that seem so fulfilled having a lot of friends. Competition and peer pressure could possibly be the cause; with other understandable signs as bouts of loneliness periodically affect them too with breaking up with friends or moving to other surroundings. Coping with the pressures of adjusting to new social environments makes our children develop feelings that they have no one to turn to for counsel and help.

This surely calls for not only knowing the reasons of loneliness, but also overcoming it and being healthy.


Getting over loneliness for health:

Loneliness and solitude is often confused, with it being common for most of us to think that solitude at times is required for gaining that peace and calm. Meditation, deep breathing and simply practicing relaxation techniques could help us. Solitude may seem great, but it is best to understand that loneliness is not; it can not only be overwhelming, but could lead to a vicious circle of negative feelings, stress, depression and also suicide. Loneliness may be difficult to overcome, but believe me your strong determination can help you overcome loneliness with the support of near and dear.  

Your first step towards getting over loneliness is to find out for yourself what makes you feel lonely or depressed; is it social seclusion or being an introvert or is it is a feeling of inferiority complex? Loneliness could be a killer, so the next step towards emotional wellness and happiness lies in removing mental blocks and taking help; the support of your parents, friends and all those that really care for your wellness and good health.

Next it is also a well experienced fact that a supportive social network has helped many to get over the ill effects of loneliness; hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol. This is observed more significantly in women, as women are emotional by nature and experience feelings of loneliness and depression more than men. So it is to be realized that love, empathy and security brought about by strong supportive relationships can only helped promote longevity and emotional wellness and quality life.

We could easily say that loneliness is just a state of mind; changing it lies in our strong desire to turn positive and happy. As someone rightly said, living in the present and now really helps, as yesterday cannot be changed and tomorrow is not known to us. Getting over loneliness would be real great if we decide to spend quality time with not only our intimate family members and friends, but also people that have like interests. Interestingly real loud laughing helps to induce pleasure hormones and decrease hormones that cause stress; probably the real significance of laughing clubs today. In addition small pleasure trips, pot-lunches with friends on a regular basis and other social activities like volunteering could also help bring about emotional and mental wellbeing for the lonely.  

The therapy and magic of human touch is significant in getting over loneliness. It is interesting to know that clapping hands was not pumped positive emotions and hormones in others, but also in the persons that clapped; they say there is a nerve in our hands that connects to the heart. I have experienced the same therapy in praising others, helping them and in the firm handshake; a firm handshake, pat on the back hug, kiss and positive emotion has healed not only my loneliness but also that of others. Feeling loved, wanted, safe and secure has always been an enhancing and mutually satisfying experience.

Overcome loneliness dear friends by breaking your bonds with the imaginary world of the internet, television and big screen and renewing and strengthening your bonds with personal relationships. We should be happy to be born human, for humans can only feel and make others feel secure, happy and fulfilled. Next we assume that life is full of problems; we can bring about emotional wellbeing here for we are not alone. Consciously avoiding listening to sad and heart breaking music and songs and viewing too much thought provoking and sad serials and movies would help bring in a positive and happy note with all round well-being.

Truly you can get over loneliness and experience health and well-being; what are your favorite ways to overcome loneliness?


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