How Some Vegetables And Fruits Can Help Cure Stomach Ulcers.

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Mon, Jan 18, 2010  
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Are you suffering because of stomach ulcers and finding it real difficult to take food? Stomach ulcers are caused by hyperacidity where the hydrochloric acid that helps in breakup of food may affect the stomach lining too. Well you can cure stomach ulcers by taking ash gourd, bananas, cabbage, garlic and lime.


Ash gourd that has many other health benefits also helps in the case of stomach ulcers. It helps in relieving the inflammation caused to the lining of the stomach and also helped to alleviate the swelling in the food pipe. It is best to take ash gourd juice early in the morning before one consumes anything else. Grating and squeezing it can prepare the juice of ash gourd juice. This is to be mixed with equal volume of water and taken first thing in the morning. It is best to effect good cure by avoiding to take anything after that for 2 to 3 hours.


The evergreen vegetable cabbage can help anyone get relief from stomach ulcers.

The juice of cabbage has the property to help cure ulcers, Cabbage juice not only helps to give relief from pain but is also known to lessen the recovery time by 3 times. Besides detailed tests by X-ray and Gastro scope proves that cabbage juice produces real positive and quick cure.



The powder of green banana and banana fruit has proved to be the poor man’s cure for stomach ulcers. One can take banana with milk to cure chronic cases of stomach ulcers. The damage caused to the stomach wall can be benefited with this poor man’s fruit. Serotine present in banana helps in neutralizing the hydrochloric acid that harms the stomach lining and the pectin and Vitamin C helps to coat the inflamed portion making for effective relief and cure.


Garlic, the pungent yet healthy vegetable possesses varies health and curative powers and is one of the effective cure for stomach ulcers too. It is found to be very effective for alcoholics too who suffer extreme damage to the stomach walls. Garlic helps them to suffer lesser damage beneath the surface of the stomach lining. Garlic though pungent and mildly irritating to the stomach, yet it helps the production of a protective hormone that strengthens the resistance of the stomach lining.


The master of most home remedies the lime is one of the other fruits that helps to create an alkaline reaction to cure stomach ulcers. The citric acid in lime proves useful in creating an alkaline reaction and the mineral salts present in them helps to promote digestion and absorption of fats and alcohol. The juice of lime has an effective action on the bile in the liver and has proved good in removing the affects of greasy foods that cause gastric acidity.  



So dear friends it is time for all of you who suffer from ulcers of the stomach or those who have relatives and friends to effect natural cure by taking these vegetables and fruits and also advising all those who will benefit from them.


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