How is Technology Affecting your Health?

Posted by Navia Life Care on Wed, Sep 23, 2015  
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You no longer need to wait for days to send your messages across, business deals are approved with a click, your newest idea is shared with millions in seconds – the virtual world has made yesterday’s science fiction, today’s reality. Inspite of the seemingly great and obvious advantages, it also contributes to several modern age health issues!


Spending long hours on mobile devices is leading to an addiction of a different kind, where our mind is always preoccupied. Even if we simply biding time waiting for a friend to arrive, we will take out the mobile and occupy ourselves. Then there are some who just cannot take a break from their gadgets.  We have a constant need to update our friends on what we do. We may ping someone, poke fun at another, show the world our new look or simply tell everyone how we feel, by using the latest technology.


Every coin has two sides and while technology has its own benefits, it has its negatives too. There are many implications of technology on the physical well-being of a person:


If a machine, which does a task continuously can break down after continuous usage, then imagine what multitasking can do to your brain. In the wireless age, there is no fixed time to work and people endlessly exhaust themselves. If you are a type of personality who cannot refuse work and respond to every phone call or e-mail, exhaustion will be the primary reason for most of your health related issues. The underlying cause is stress that contributes to headaches, high blood pressure, insomnia, low energy etc.


Staring for long hours at your computer screen causes strain on your eyes. It may even cause irritation, blurred vision or redness in them.


iPods and digital music players are a prized possession of many. However, listening to them at high volumes causes many hearing issues. A temporary hearing loss can result from short term exposure to loud music, however prolonged exposure to loud music especially by earphones or headphones results in Tinnitus, which is the ringing sensation in one’s ear, and permanent hearing loss.


Sleep disturbances are common among those who watch television, use the computer, play video games or cling to their cell phones till the wee hours of morning. Long exposure to bright light delays the production of melatonin which induces sleep. Any activity by itself fires our neurons that remain alert and also trigger adrenaline – our fright and flight hormone – that prevents our eyelids from closing when we hit the bed later.


Staying glued to the various gadgets around you all day reduces the chances that you would move about or get involved in physical activities. This behavior, coupled with Indian genes, is responsible for the pot belly which is so hard to get rid of.


Whether cell phone radiation can lead to health issues is a much debated controversy with evidence supporting as well as against this claim. However, death may be a consequence of chatting or texting while driving, if one is met with an accident due to negligence or loss of concentration. Even if you are on that side that believes that radiation from mobiles is harmless, and use of wireless will not damage, you may be wrong. Parts of your brain are engaged in your conversation, reducing your concentration on driving.


One cannot deny the benefits of technology, but just a little control in the way you use it will prevent it from damaging your health.


Switching your cell off or leaving your phone at home for a day will not lead to any major losses. If anything, it will de-stress you and will calm your anxiety.


Planning the day’s activities in advance and setting time apart for rest and physical workout would go a long way in staying healthy.


Informing friends and family to remind you not to absent-mindedly touch your gizmos, will go long way to avoid falling back on your habits of being connected all the time.


Anything in excess can be harmful. Same is true for technology. So knowing where to stop is the key to not allow technology to take possession of you.


Talking over the phone while driving and walking with headsets on the road, puts you at a risk of loss of life. What is the point of answering the emergency call and losing your life?


 Technology is a boon, let us not make it a curse.

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