How Can Switching To Alternative Sources Of Energy Help Us Lead A Healthy Life.

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Mon, Jan 25, 2010  
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There is an acute shortage of energy in the world today and there is every reason to save it and use it wisely to preserve the good elements of the planet Earth. There is every need to save energy from the point of view of pollution also. This is due to the fact that most of our energy needs come from fossil fuels that could increase the effect of global warming. Yes, you are right. There are a number of benefits to switch from fossil duels to more alternative forms of energy to help save and make the earth a greener planet and making for the improvement of the health of the people who reside here.
It is the fundamental importance for everyone to have good air to breathe, and pure water to drink. Using of energy resources in excess would add to the pollution of the air and water by industrial effluence. Also there is a severe shortage of essential resources to produce power. When less of energy is used it could lessen the pollution in the environment and water and give people pure air to breathe and pure water to drink. When pollution is controlled there could be a control in the diseases caused by allergies. Cancer also finds some of its roots in pollution; so there would be a lessening in cases of cancers like lung cancer, throat cancer, nose cancer and so on. This is sure to provide people with more of clean fresh air and water and improve our capacity to breathe well.


Besides, when one gets fresh air to breathe one can be free of dangerous heart diseases that leads to decrease in quality life of the people in this planet, Earth. Lesser use of fossil fuels leads to lesser pollution and using of alternative sources of free energy like air and sun can actually contribute to better use of green energy practices that could definitely help people to lead heart healthy lives. Use of precious depleted forms of energy could lead to pollution, which is the main cause of infectious diseases also.  The precipitating of global warming by the by-products of the use of energy can accelerate the rate of infectious diseases thereby leading to huge epidemics and spread of pandemics.


The use of precious energy can lead to pollution and the precipitation of these harmful chemicals can lead to acid rain. Acid rain can adversely affect lakes, streams and rivers and also trees on hill and mountains. This damage can cause damage to even sensitive forest soils. Besides they cause damage and decay of building materials and paints, including irreplaceable buildings, statues, and sculptures that are part of our nation's cultural heritage. In addition the harmful gases like sulfur oxide and nitrogen oxide can be cramping to the health of humans.


The use of sun for natural lighting can help save on precious energy resources and the pollution caused by them. Sun is an easily available source of alternative energy and can be harnessed to produce solar energy. They can be used instead of electricity in solar heaters, lamps and other products. Besides the sun could be used to give us a natural source of Vitamin D and could help improve our mental mood and health. Some of the other health benefits of using sun is the strengthening of cardiovascular system, normalizing blood pressure as well as blood sugar, increased metabolism, weight loss, ensuring proper functioning of kidneys by eliminating wastes, enhanced liver function, improved digestion and prevention of anxiety and depression.


In addition adapting alternative sources of energy will reduce the death of workers who work in oilrigs and coalmines for production of fossil fuels. So increasing the use of greener sources of energy will also minimize the damage to the workers health. . Hence workers will work in more safer and healthy environment,


Hence dear friends using of alternative sources of energy can save and promote better health among the people who live on the planet Earth.


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