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Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Wed, Jan 8, 2014  
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There are several reasons why women put on weight. Some reasons are that you cook for gratification only. You eat as much as your partner. You put your partner’s eating preferences above your own. You become the family’s garbage disposal. Your partner sabotages your healthy eating habits.


Beside these reasons, if your partner is overweight himself and is the sort to guzzle down one can of beer after another while he plants himself on the couch watching the telly, chances are that you may get influenced by this behavior too. Women have the tendency to adopt a man’s eating habits. There are ways by which you can maintain a healthy eating habit for a fit life.


It is healthy to eat small portions at a time. Make sure your meals are balanced. That means each meal  should include protein, carbs and vitamins.


Stop eating when you are 80 per cent full and leave 20 per cent place in your stomach. This will help prevent after meal bloating as well. Don’t lie down immediately after eating. This will lead to weight gain, heart burn and indigestion.


Baking, boiling, grilling, steaming or broiling your food is healthier than frying. Use oil instead of butter because it is low in saturated fat. Exercise daily because there is no other way as healthy as exercising to maintain or lose weight.


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