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Soft drinks consist of carbonated water mixed with sugar or an artificial sweetener. It may also contain patented natural or artificial flavorings and coloring agents. MANY SOFT DRINKS CONTAIN CAFFEINE.


Soft drinks are not harmful when they are consumed in moderation. If taken regularly in large amounts they may satisfy hunger and deprive individuals of essential nutrients in the diet.



  • An occasional soft drink is fine but drinking them regularly contributes extra calories to the body which adds up to the weight problems.


  • Soft drinks are also bad for dental hygiene. The high sugar content in the soft drink encourages the growth of cavity causing bacteria. Many soft drinks contain acids that can erode the tooth enamel.


  • High phosphate content of certain soft drinks interferes with the calcium absorption in the body.


  • Caffeine in the soft drinks may raise the blood pressure and cause irregular heartbeats.



  • Soft drinks are refreshing and provide a quick energy boost due to the sugar or caffeine in them.


  • Sipping soft drinks can help people with nausea due to migraine.


  • Soft drinks can provide energy for people unable to consume solid food.



Soft drinks are often linked with obesity in children and young adults.

Soft drinks are generally consumed with fast foods that are loaded with fat.


The sugar in the soft drinks stimulates the pancreas to secrete insulin. At the same time insulin directs the body to store fat.


So as the body is experiencing the effects of the sugar in the soft drinks the fat loaded fast food enters the body. In such situations the body has more insulin than is required for that meal. Therefore it stores more fat than burning it.


Research published in The Lancet medical journal suggests that one soft drink per day increases the child’s chance of becoming obese by 60%.


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