Health Benefits of Capsicum

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Bell peppers are generally known as capsicums adds color to your plate and a sweet tart flavor to your sense of taste. All bell peppers originate from the same plant and the distinction in the color is because of the distinction in the length of their ripening. The green pepper is unripe and henceforth marginally bitter in taste though the red, orange and yellow bell peppers are matured and subsequently are sweeter and juicier. They are stacked with Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, phosphorous, manganese, magnesium, folate, carotenoids and fiber.


Medical Advantages


Other than adding color and visual treat to your dish, here are some amazing medical advantages of green peppers:


Help In Weight Loss


Being low on calories (37 Kcal in a medium measured pepper), they can be an excellent expansion to your plate if you are attempting to get thinner. Additionally, they have 92% water content and are high on fiber content too. In this way, add these to your servings of salads and appreciate the varied flavors.

 Manage Blood Sugar


The red and yellow capsicums have appeared to be viable in slowing down the absorption of starches and lipids along these lines decreasing glucose and prevent s sugar levels to shoot up. For apparent results, it is recommended to have these before your dinners as servings of salads.


Delays Aging


Stuffed with vitamins and carotenoids, bell peppers are known for their cancer prevention agent properties which shield you from ageing and different sicknesses brought about by the cell harming free radicals.


Prevents Eye Diseases


Carotenoids (lutein and zaxanthin) found in green peppers shield your eyes from oxygen related harm. Routine utilization of capsicum has been accounted for to counteract age related macular degeneration (an eye ailment which causes harmed vision or aggregate loss of vision). It has additionally been well known in preventing cataract.


Battle Cancer


Alongside its solid cell reinforcement advantages, the constituents of bell peppers likewise have mitigating properties that record for aversion of excessive inflammation and lessens the danger of tumor advancement and movement.


Prevents  Anemia


Not just are bell peppers rich in iron, they additionally contain excellent source of Vitamin C which enormously upgrades the ingestion of iron in your body.


Enhance Skin Health


Being rich in vitamin E and vitamin C, bell peppers can do miracles to your skin and hair. Add them to your eating routine for sparkling skin and shiny hair.




Summers carry with them these bright peppers that add energy to your dish.  Opt for bell peppers that are vibrant in color and firm, free from any staining. Pick the ones that are heavier with crisp green stems. Refrigerated green peppers last their freshness for 5-7 days however ensure their stems are in place to keep away dampness. 


Ways  To Have Bell Peppers


Here are some sound and fun approaches to add green peppers to your eating regimen:




Sauté the peppers delicately with the goal that they don't lose their crunchiness,  add to your serving of salads for outstanding flavors and a sprinkle of color.


Stuffed Baked Capsicums


A prominently cooked dish in the Indian families otherwise called Bharwan shimla mirch. Expel the stem from the highest point of a green capsicum to get a round mouthed empty capsicum. Stuff this with a blend of paneer/potatoes, ginger, cashews, raisins and flavors as per your wish. Pre-heat the oven to 200 degrees for 20 to 30 minutes till it turns out to be marginally brown and wrinkled. Sprinkle with coriander and mint leaves and eat piping hot.


Capsicum Rolls


Finely cut green, yellow and red capsicum, onions and blend with diced curds. Make a chapatti and spread some mint chutney over it. Add salt and pepper to the blend of capsicums, onions, curds and move this blend inside the chapatti. These rolls will be a superb parity of supplements, fiber, protein, starches and will keep you full for long. Pack and carry them along for a solid breakfast alternative on the go.


Some individuals are prone to allergies  to green peppers particularly if taken in large portions. They have abundant nutrition’s and medical advantages and can add freshness to the most ordinary dish. Along these lines, next time you go for vegetable shopping; keep in mind to add these bright veggies to your basket! Stay Fit, Stay Happy!


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