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As a child I remember it was so much fun spinning and making myself dizzy to see everything around me spinning. But as an adult when my head spins, I feel miserable. I feel I am blacking out and losing my consciousness. Dizziness comes with light headedness, feeling faint, weakness and unsteadiness.


There are a lot of things that causes dizziness like anxiousness, panic attacks or being stressed. Lightheadedness happens when there is not enough blood reaching the brain. Shocking news or exertion causes dizziness. To some extent overexertion also causes dizziness.


Dizziness sometimes is caused by vertigo. Vertigo occurs when you change the position of your head. Sitting up or moving around makes it worse. Severe vertigo may be accompanied with nausea and vomiting. This happens because of the problem with nerves and the balance mechanism in your inner ear which senses movement and changes in your head position.


Sometimes starvation or hunger causes dizziness. I realized this few years back when I was dieting which I finally had to give up because I couldn’t handle the dizziness. Dehydration due to diarrhea and vomiting also causes dizziness. Diabetes too causes dizziness.


Older people often lose balance and may feel dizzy especially if they start moving all of a sudden. If they get up from the bed suddenly that too can cause dizziness. Motion sickness too causes dizziness. Rapid changes in motion while riding a rollercoaster or travelling in boats, cars or even airplanes can upset the equilibrium and make you dizzy. Dizziness can lead to vomiting, sweating and even headache.


Excessive exercise may also lead to dizziness. This generally happens if we happen to exercise on an empty stomach. For instance, exercising early in the morning in an empty stomach can cause dizziness. This is because your body is then low in energy with your sugar and glycogen level becoming low. While we are exercising we lose out on water and salt. So it is advisable to eat something may be an hour before we exercise.


Brain injury or a blow on the head causes dizziness accompanied by a head ache. Sometimes tumor in the brain can cause disturbance of the sense of balance, sight and smell. Cardiac problem too causes dizziness.



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