Hangover: A Consequence of Partying Hard

Posted by Krishna Bora on Thu, Nov 22, 2012  
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I am not a party girl, since my parents never approved of it. But there is no harm in having friends who like wild parties. They call me and tell me about the great music the DJ is playing I keep wishing that someday I will sneak out to see what actually it feels to be there. But what happens to my friends the next day totally changes my mind. Hangover kills them and turn them into zombies. There is an old saying in Hindi, ‘pehle maza phir saza’, which is a perfect quote for this situation. But how can I leave my sweet friends rot the whole day in painful headache and fatigue. I found out some best remedies for a hangover which would help you too get rid of those irritating after-effects of drinking.


The first and the foremost, be friends with Mr.Lemon. Take him with you to parties and always take help from him. Lemon are rich in vitamin C and they can cure hangovers like magic. Have some clear lemon soup or some lemon juice to feel better.


The second tip, break the sweat. When the alcohol is in your blood, the only thing you can do is sweat to wash them off from your body. Just play some music, sing aloud and start dancing. Isn’t it a fun way to get rid of hangovers.


The third tip, is to eat lot of greasy food before drinking. Yes ladies, you heard me right. The fat and oils in the greasy food such as cheese and mayonnaise could help in slow absorption of alcohol in the body through the stomach linings. So some high calorie food is not always bad for health, don’t you agree.


The fourth and the final tip, drink water, a lot of water. Water is rightly termed as the ‘magic potion’ and is very effective in washing out all the toxins and alcohol from your body and save you from dehydration. So drink a lot of water to and be happy.


The movie ‘Hangover’ was fun to watch, but when it comes in the real life I know how badly we want to stay miles away from it. So it is alright if you had some extra shots, since now you know you have a key to smash hangover, right on its face. Have a nice weekend ahead.


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