Guilty after a pig-out

Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Tue, Feb 8, 2011  
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What do you do when you have finished a big packet of chips, a huge bar of chocolate and a family pack of ice-cream? Then the guilt sets in. You start beating your self up for being a fat pig and promise your self that you will be extra good tomorrow.  To stop this habit of binging it is very important to have self control.


Don’t be too hard on your self because that will encourage binging. Always say to your self that you have control over your self be it your food or life. Dr. Stephen Gullo, President of the Institute for Health and Weight Sciences in New York and author of ‘The Thin Commandments’ says, “Remember nobody becomes fat from one pig-out. Instead of censoring yourself, give yourself a boost.”


Even women who are conscious about what they pop into their mouth have blowouts from time to time. So just know when to stop and apply a firm break so that you don’t feel guilty. Don’t ever allow the food to control you instead you control the food. Be conscious when you take your next meal or skip it completely after a pig-out.


Remember my friends that pig-out is definitely not a bright idea. Pig-outs happen only when you deprive your body of the necessary calories which leads to cravings. When you have a heavy evening snack you should definitely skip the dinner. But wise are those who eat an early dinner by 7pm or maximum 8pm. It is very important to eat properly and always eat small meals so that you are never hungry.


Don’t demolish a packet of wafers or a bar of chocolate to get rid of boredom or depression. When you feel low just call up a friend or somebody who is closest to your heart. But if somebody closest to your heart is the cause of your grief then find someone else, but don’t harm yourself by binging.



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