Getting High on Music Using I-Dosing

Posted by Sunil Shroff on Sat, Jul 17, 2010  
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The new mantra to get high on music in this digital age is digital drug in the form of I-dosing. It is essentially different binaural beats that can induce specific brain wave patterns, such as Theta or Alpha. It can help relax or stimulate one’s brain.

The Sanskrit Slokas chanting that are played in the early in the morning in ‘Indian Temples’ or the chanting that is practiced by Hindus or the Buddhist also can get a person in similar trance and is capable of giving a person holy experience – making them feel closer to God. There is something these sounds can do to your temporal lobes of the brain that can put you in a different world altogether. Sound does have a great influence on mind, the hypnotist use sound as an effective tool. Most good orators who have mass appeal also use the technique of speaking in the same pitch to create a hypnotic affect on the audience. 

Digital age has found a similar affect by the I-dosing. A new craze among the youth.

Many downloads of such music is available through few websites. There are many pictures of kids  experiencing I-dosing on the Internet.  Parents and teachers are worried with what physiological affect these audio files can have on the kids. However the biggest danger can be of drug peddlers selling drugs through these sites along with these audio files.

Typical reaction from Kids after an I-dosing experience  -  “It was weird but when i wake up i was walking in zig zag like a drunk and laughing from things without sense it was pretty cool!!”

Doser is a program used to designed  to give the end users “binaural beat doses" to "sync their brain waves."  This music can be played on media player that takes only DRG files like MP3 player. To experience this the person uses their headphones  or I-pods and  darkens the room and listens to the tracks for sometime till they start feeling different. Some music can help you dose off , others may make you feel relaxed and still others may get you stimulated. It is still early days for the evolution of I-dosing. 


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