Gay couples and Singles seek surrogate moms in India

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The desire for fatherhood does not have to be necessarily connected to or dependent on a relationship with a woman. A large number of men opting for surrogacy are gay, though there are straight men, too, who wish to be fathers and not have a woman partner. Women chose to be single parents almost two decades ago and it now looks like men want similar status for themselves.

Gay men have the same desires to be parents that straight men do. They are capable of providing all the love required to raise children. It is such a wonderful thing that Surrogacy provides an option for gay men to become parents.

Australia,America,UK and other Western countries are currently seeing an increase in gay men choosing Surrogacy when creating their families. In particular, India is the new growth region for gay singles and couples wanting to become dads via surrogacy.A growing number of male couples from Australia,America,UK and other Western countries are hiring surrogates in India to bear children.

India is one of the top destinations for gay and straight couples seeking a surrogate child as it is far more cost-effective than other countries.India’s emergence as a surrogacy hotspot is no surprice.The lower cost has opened up the surrogacy option to a much larger number of gay men, as a cost effective country to pursue the dream of creating a family.

In the UK, single people cannot gain full legal rights over their children born by surrogate mother – a problem which affects gay single men in particular.India really is the closest country to Australia,America,UK that offers affordable surrogacy,Using a surrogate mother in India costs around a fifth of the price of an American or european surrogate, making the country an attractive option for those interested in the process.

While in many parts of the world surrogacy and gay surrogacy in particular is banned.But as on now India has no plan to ban gay couples from using surrogate mothers.Section of press has been saying that Indian IVF bill may stop gay couple surrogacy,however it’s not very certain and clear as on today.

Egg Donor Gay Surrogacy and surrogates program in India offers the best options for intended parents.LGBT friendly Surrogacy clinic in India serving gay and straight couples & singles without discrimination definition.Its only one surrogacy clinc you can think instantly when its gay surrogacy or LGBT  friendly surrogacy clinic India,that is Rotunda-The Center for Human Reproduction. They are proud of their successful history of helping intended parents become parents through egg donor gay surrogacy program in India.

Today more and more foreign couples and singles are influenced to consider surrogacy in India as better option to completing ones dream for a family.Surrogacy has risen to immense popularity as many couples choose this as an alternative means of reproduction or Family Creations dreams come true.Now more and more foreign couples actually prefer going abroad for surrogacy.

Rotunda-The Center for Human Reproduction,is at the forefront of India’s booming trade in so-called reproductive tourism— foreigners coming to the country for infertility treatments such as in vitro fertilization. The clinic’s main draw, however, is its success using local women to have foreigners’ babies. They have developed packages that are designed to help you have a child reasonably and economically. They cater to traditional families, single parents, as well as the gay & LGBT community without discrimination.

Not to mention the gay surrogacy has always been in the limelight with news of celebrity couples opting for this alternative route has always earned the much needed precedence from one and all. The amount that is required to go for a surrogacy in developed nations is actually in astronomical figures. And added to that even the stringent norms that are in place only make the charges dearer but this didn’t hamper the efforts of couples who were serious in their intentions.

Cost of Surrogacy in India and India surrogacy success rates:
The cheaper availability of surrogates in India is attracting a lot of interest.While not just the ease of the rules but also cost that is incurred here is something that is quite tempting not to mention gives the much needed respite for many couples who otherwise cannot afford the costs involved in this process. Hence this is one reason apart from many other reasons why many childless couples are now headed towards these nations to realize their dream of experiencing the most privileged feeling of parenthood.

Surrogacy programs in India are as successful as any other good program in the world, with strict screening of egg donors and confidentiality maintained. Low cost surrogacy in India makes it possible even for single men, who are not super-rich, to start a family.

Rotunda Surrogacy is oldest full service surrogate parenting clinic serving gay and straight couples and singles.They offer Egg Donor Gay Surrogacy program to suit the unique needs of gay prospective parents. Best Surrogacy clinic ni India with superior medical credentials, the highest success rate records, and warm, flexible and accommodating atmospheres.They do not discriminate among there patients based on their sexual orientation or marital status.

Start creating your family today by contacting them and Please fill in your details on their websites at or or or simply a phone call at +91 22 2655 2000 or +91 22 26405000 or Call them from UK on:44-2080997519,Call them from USA on:1-714-2740122

Rotunda-The Center for Human Reproduction
+91 22 2655 2000


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