Functional Rehabilitation And Cure For Back Pain

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Back pain is a common phenomenon among young and old.  The best treatment is simple and effective.  There is something called as functional rehabilitation.  This is a combination of physical and psychological conditioning.

The first step towards functional rehabilitation is medication.  Medication is given to reduce muscle spasm and anxiety.  The second step is to start physiotherapy, which includes strengthening exercises and muscle strengthening.  The third step is a combination of counseling and supportive therapy.  This helps to improve physiological well-being.  The cause of pain and steps for pain prevention are thought in detail in functional rehabilitation.

The importance of body position during routine activities along with good posture is the key to avoiding back aches.  Cognitive behavioral therapy, physiotherapy and conventional physical treatment help patients handle their fears about back pain.  Treating the psychological aspect of back pain is the key to improving patient’s confidence in their body.  This gives a boost to the confidence level of patients to cope with pain.

A holistic approach overcomes anxiety and depression.  Research has proven that 80% of patients suffering from back aches are unhappy with their psychological condition.  This complicates and multiplies the pain factor. 

Over the years the treatment pattern has changed towards holistic medicine.  A combination of neuropsychologists, pain specialists, spine surgeon and specialists in physical medicine have made things simple with regards to treatment of back pain. 

Bad posture, lack of exercise, and stress are the major causes of backaches at some point of time.  The leading causes of back pain are poor ergonomics and flawed posture.  Correcting postures and incorporating lifestyle changes is a step in the right direction to cure back pain.

Functional rehabilitation may not be a sure shot way for everybody to get rid of back pain.  To some extent this approach can get back patient on their feet and gives them a feel good factor.     


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