Fit and Fat of a Marriage

Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Sat, Apr 14, 2012  
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What do you do when he is fit and you are fat? I remember one of my friends came crying to me to say that she feels ashamed going for a walk with her husband because the other walkers keep staring at her. But advice to her was to be strong and to not to sink into the low esteem pit.


Stop pitying yourself and make time for yourself no matter how busy or tired you are. Use your skills, talents, resources that you know you had, but not done anything about it after marriage. Try on an eating lifestyle that is healthy, balanced, nourishing, and low on fat and which suits you and which does not make you feel week. I am a great believer in being in the now. But that does not mean you completely switch off your power of imagination, but at the same time do not let your imaginations rule you. If you have exercising regularly and still not losing weight, don’t blame yourself not even your metabolism.


Start loving yourself and that is the only way you can give yourself good vibes. When you give yourself good vibes, your surroundings, your home, your office all become a beautiful place. Look at the mirror and say that I love my self. Say that I am unique and God’s most beautiful creation. If you are happy with yourself then only can you spread happiness around you.


Don’t be jealous of your partner. Don’t make good looks and fitness a competition in your relationship. You can have a darn good relationship even if you are not as fit as your partner. In this world nobody is perfect. If he has his strong points then he has his weak points too and the same goes for you. Accept each other’s weaknesses gracefully. If his attitude hurts tell him nicely that you do not like it and most importantly learn to laugh it off. No matter how busy and tired you are take out at least half an hour every day to work out. You will realize soon how a brisk walk, jog, swim, power yoga or an aerobic session can actually lift up your feel good hormones. You will feel better and it will boost up your stamina. 


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