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Posted by Joelle Surprenant on Mon, Apr 11, 2011  
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Dr. Marc and his wife Dr. Joelle Surprenant are the owners of Family Healing Chiropractic.  They moved to Charlotte in 2003 from coastal North Carolina to a larger city when they began having children.  Family Healing Chiropractic is a one of the largest family practices in North Carolina that is based on corrective care and wellness for the whole family starting from the very beginning of life. 


Dr. Marc strives to get people well and to become responsible for their health so they can live life fully.  He has had tremendous triumph over his own health problems after a sickly childhood and has a passion to spread the message of where true health and healing comes from. When he was a child he suffered from asthma and allergies for years, was limited to the amount of sports he could participate in (and if you know his family, they love sports!).   He began taking medicine for his asthma, and soon developed severe stomach problems, ulcers and headaches as a result.  More medications were added to combat the side effects.   His health problems continued to worsen until he decided to attend chiropractic school and received his first chiropractic adjustment.  He found out that he had interference in his spine, which wasn’t allowing his organs to function properly.  From then on his body functioned better, healing and repairing were taking place and he has not taken another medication since he started working on correcting his spine in his early 20’s.  Asthma, allergies, headaches, ulcers gone forever! 


At Family Healing Chiropractic, patients are highly educated on how their bodies work. The care we provide for families are anchored on the '5 Essentials' of Maximized Living: Maximize Mind, Maximize Nerve Supply, Maximize Nutrition, Maximize Lean Muscle and Oxygen, and Minimize Toxins.  When our patients engage in every aspect of the 5 Essentials, their lives completely transform.  As a result, we continue to witness people regain their health and their livelihoods back each and every day.   People tossing out their medications forever, getting fit and stronger,  working and parenting with a whole new energy, finally sleeping,  seeing all kinds of chronic diseases disappear!  Our motto is 'God needs no help, just no interference'  We simply remove the interference to our patient's health and watch the body do what it was designed to do!


In addition to running a successful family practice, he is also the head coach for Maximized Living a group of powerful and passionate chiropractors all over the country and world whose mission is to transform the health of our planet.  He organizes and leads national and local seminars with attendance over 1000 chiropractors, spouses and staff.   Dr. Marc spends time coaching chiropractors personally as well in areas of life management, vision, business, personal life and finances.  He has a talent for helping patients, chiropractors and people in general break through what is holding them back from being healthy, successful and reaching their full potential in life. 


Dr. Marc is a devoted husband and dad, when he is not at the office he spends much of his personal time at home with his wife and three daughters.   He is always dedicated to self-improvement, constantly surrounding himself with mentors and you can always find a huge stack of books around their house.  If it teaches him how to be a better spiritual leader as a husband, dad, chiropractor and coach he has probably read it!  He travels often to lead seminars all over the country.


He is committed to doing whatever it takes to inspire people in our community to take action with their health as well as coaching other chiropractors to join this mission so they can do the same in their communities, ultimately making a massive impact in this world!


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