Facts about tea and coffee

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Tea is taken from the leaves of Camellia sinensis tree. Black, Oolong, Green are the three types of tea.


 Some facts about tea.


1. Men who drink tea are less likely to die to ischemic heart disease.

2. One or two cups of tea daily could promote fertility by stopping abnormalities in the chromosomes.

3. Puffiness around the eyes could disappear if a wet teabag or tea is placed on the place and left for 20 minutes.

4. Tea can absorb bad odors from the body.

5. Men in Asian countries who drink green tea have less instances of prostate cancer.

6. Sunburns and burns can be soothed by tea.

7. India is the largest producer of tea. Indian tea is the world's most consumed tea.

8. All tea comes from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis, which is an interesting of tea facts.

9. Tea can help abate your appetite.

10. A cup of tea makes your bones stronger


Facts about coffee


1. The United States consumes approximately 400 million cups per day, about one-third of all coffee worldwide.

2. Coffee grown in the island of Hawaii is grown in volcanic soil and has the richest flavor in the world.

3. Goats were the first ones to discover coffee. The shepherd noticed his goats becoming too active. He followed them and found them eating some kind of strawberry and stay awake all day and night.

4. Caffeine that is found in coffee takes 30 minutes to affect the brain and lasts from 2-6 hours.

5. A cup of coffee or a cigar will cause rise in blood pressure.

6. Caffeine can enhance mood.

7. Caffeine increases our ability to focus and concentrate for a short term.

8. There are 24 steps involved in coffee making process.

9. Coffee is used as a beverage for about 700 years.

10. Boil coffee in water instead of filtering it. This is the safest way.



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