Facts About High Blood Pressure

Posted by Krishna Bora on Wed, Mar 19, 2014  
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Damage to your arteries 

High blood Pressure wears off the arteries, and it causes damage to them. High blood Pressure put a lot of Pressure and stress on the blood vessels, as the blood is pumped with a lot of Pressure.


Damage to your heart 

When the blood Pressure of the body is high, the amount of blood pumped to the bodies is uneven, and hence, the blood could be either more, or a lot less when it reaches to the parts of the body, causing dysfunction of the body parts.


Damage to your kidneys

Kidneys are the filters of our body, and excess blood flow to the kidneys could damage them, as it can not take a lump of flow of blood, and would not filter it efficiently, and strain itself. This could lead to kidney damage.


Damage to your eyes

There are tiny blood vessels supplying blood to the eyes. Excess amount of blood in the eyes would cause redness of the eye, nerve damage, and the eye blood vessel damage.


Sexual Dysfunction

There are several blood vessels which carry blood to the penis of the man for erection, which also starts to dysfunction with time due to high blood Pressure through them, which effects the erection of men.


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